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    I usually drink a beer before I go to McDonald's and a beer after I'm done with my Big Mac, to get my carbs. Bud Light of course.
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      The State of Florida Recruit Curriculum requires two physical ability test during the academy. In addition they require academies to have a minimum of 60 hours of PT while you are in. That is not enough to get you in shape and you will have to continue to work out on your own during the academy if you want to get in shape and lose weight.

      The test consist of 1.5 mile run
      Push ups max in 1 min
      Sit ups max in 1 min
      Vertical leap
      300 yard sprint.

      You will be tested within the first 2 weeks in the academy and then again near the end of the 60 hours of PT. In order to pass you must show improvement. That is it, no set numbers by the state. Although different academies can require higher standards if they wish and some do. At my academy we give three test and do crossfit training during the academy. I have had some recruits lose close to 100 pounds during the academy.

      But with all that said. If you are out of shape it will be just that much harder on you physically when and if you get in. So we always recommend getting in good shape BEFORE going to the academy. It will lesson the chances of you getting hurt during some of the training (DT, Firearms, and some other classes that are a bit physical). The object of the academy is not to get you into shape, but to get you in better shape. And to teach you how to eat right and stay in shape once you get out. So I recommend getting in shape before that academy, on the plus side, it will also help you get hired if you are in shape when you walk in to the oral interviews. Agencies do not want people that are out of shape and may pose a health risk. Just being realistic and speaking from experience of sitting in on those oral boards.
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        In your position, I would still apply. You never know how long it will be between phases. When I applied it was a year between the written and the physical and then another year for the interview.

        just get in shape slowly and safely. It would suck to work so hard and get hurt and have to withdraw from the process anyway due to injury


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