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  • Week before Academy

    Team: I start the academy next Monday. Any tips on what to do to prepare mentally/physically/emotionally during this last week? Anything you wish you had done different? For some reason I'm very nervous about the initial PT screening test (though I've been exceeding the PT graduation requirements - worried they'll nit-pick form or something). Any tips on how to alleviate that anxiety?
    3/5/14 - Applied to NV DPS
    3/17/14 - PT/Written Test
    4/21/14 - Oral Board
    8/27/14 - Background Investigation Started
    10/13/14 - Conditional Offer
    11/6/14 - 1st Poly
    11/25/14 - 2nd Poly
    12/1/14 - 3rd Poly
    12/8/14 - Full offer of employment
    1/12/15 - Academy Start Date

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    Focus on each day, don't look in the long run or you'll go insane.


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      Can't speak for your academy, but from my experience, the first day to the first week are mostly going to be a gut check. Don't worry about anything in the PT test except passing it. They only thing they'll worry about is whether not your sit ups and push ups have enough range of motion to be scored as a rep, and that you ran the full distance required in the allotted time. They just want to make sure you're in the proper shape for the class and that you've been doing your homework. Run some hard runs this week; intervals, circuit training, etc.

      Have EVERYTHING in order. They aren't going to be at all easy on you if you aren't paying attention to every little prescribed detail in the recruit handbook, which I'm assuming you've read. Sweat the small stuff, because that's going to be the stick by which your attention to detail is going to be measured. They're probably going to tear every one apart the first minute you arrive. They're going to tell you personally and as a group that you in no way are ready for the academy much less a police department, they don't see ANYONE there that is worthy of EVER wearing a badge, and that they wish they could just dismiss you all right now and bring in people who are actually worth a damn. Just tune it out, note whatever legitimate mistakes you made and correct them, and press on. They're tough on you because the job will be even tougher on you.

      But keep this in mind; as it gets harder, it gets easier. You'll develop a routine and you'll pick up details and procedures you never had before. You'll transform, and you'll raise the bar for yourself. You'll take more pride in your appearance and your attitude. They may not say it till the last day, and you may not even notice it's happening to you, but if you're making progress, the staff is noticing. Keep that in mind.

      Good luck!
      "If the police have to come get you, they're bringing an @$$ kicking with them!"
      -Chris Rock


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        First week is going to suck, just the way it is. We had one guy pass out on the first day just standing in formation. I'm only 3 weeks in but everyone is getting used to the way things work and it's getting somewhat easier. The physical stuff is what it is. They'll tell you that should have prepared, if you didn't it's going to be really hard for you. The most important part is passing the exams.

        Just remember they do everything they do for a reason, don't take it the wrong way. You'll be fine. Good luck man.


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          Also start studying the codes and signals. I had a quiz the second day on the first 20 of each.


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            It sucks, you're gonna wanna quit and wonder wtf did you get yourself into. Fight through it and take it day by day. Those Instructors you hate, will be Men & Woman you love and will call on years later after the academy. Trust Me

            There are no stupid questions, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots.


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