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Has Anyone Been to Eastern Florida State College's Police Academy? (Formerly BCC)


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  • Has Anyone Been to Eastern Florida State College's Police Academy? (Formerly BCC)

    Hi All,

    July of last year I began the application process into the police academy. I paid the $400 and passed the CJBAT and written exercise. I was suppose to begin the Jan. academy but decided to finish my degree, then I was offered sponsorship with the sheriff's office, then got sick and had to decline. I know, excuses…but seriously, I was severely sick for six months.

    Now I'm recovering, and have decided to finish the application process of the academy. The next step is the physical test that I never went and did. I'm concerned about this, if I'll pass or not. A friend of mine took it and said you can't fail it as they just determine your level of fitness. I somehow don't believe that, but maybe its correct. I've been out of the gym for six months, hoping to get the medical clearance to go back before the new year. How hard exactly is the test? Do you have to be majorly fit? I suck at running btw

    Thanks guys!

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    I used to work there at the Academy. Its not that hard, or as many people that pass it would not. So don't psyche yourself out, just do it. And good luck..
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