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is it possible to rent a fire arm?


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  • is it possible to rent a fire arm?

    I am a police cadet and wanted to know of it was possible to rent a fire arm until I purchase my own. The academy starts next week and I need a temporary fire arm. The academy does not provide us with one. I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

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    No, no one will rent you a firearm....

    It's a week before the academy and you just now decided to get your act together? How much time did you have? If you can't handle getting the most important piece of your gear, how can you handle the most difficult challenge of your life?

    Sounds like a washout to me.


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      I didn't ask for accusations or judgements. The acceptance letter was given out a week ago & just had orientation. This is a fast paced academy. Thanks for the "help" by the way.


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        You're right, you didn't ask for it. But you came to this board and asked a question; you don't get to dictate your responses.

        Why didn't you ask this question during the orientation? Was there no opportunity to ask questions? Fast paced or not, the academy will expect certain things of you and if they require you to get a gun, they'll give you an appropriate amount of time to buy one.

        It would help to know what state so maybe someone from their can help you more.


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          Let's look at this from a logical perspective. Let's just pretend that there are places that rent firearms.

          Knowing that you have to shoot a particular score at the range in order to pass - and failure means expulsion - would you really want to trust your career to a firearm that you have no clue who maintained it, how it was maintained, or even if it fires?

          Know from the realistic side. There are ranges that will rent fire arms AT the range so you can try various models and find the one that speaks to you. Can you begin to imagine the liability issues of anyone allowing a rented firearm to travel outside of the door?

          From the administrative side - the firearm you qualify with has it's serial number recorded with the state. How would you feel when you are fired, arrested, and put on trial for murder? Because that could happen. You return the rented gun, someone else rents it and caps a brutha. Throws the gun down. They run the serial. Oh hey, this firearm shows up as a registered duty weapon to officer joe.

          Now that is a bit of a stretch I suppose .... but it illustrates a point. First, I've never heard of being able to rent a firearm outside of use at a range only, and thinking on the liability of it I feel pretty certain in saying that its just not going to happen. Second, even if it did - do you really think it's a good idea?


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            Go buy a used Glock from a local gun store. They're easy to find and you can get a Gen 2 or a law enforcement trade in for probably around $350. Or, ask a friend who has a lot of guns if you can buy one from him, maybe he'll cut you a deal considering your situation. Then, you two go to the local gun shop to do a transfer.

            Are you sure you need a functional gun the first day of academy? I've NEVER heard of that before; most of the time firearms training comes at the middle or towards the end and you only carry a plastic training gun during the first few weeks. You might have a few weeks before you actually need to buy a gun.
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              We carried around rubber sidearms until it was range time. Then we turned them back in and went back to the rubber. I can't imagine having a live weapon on you consistently during the academy. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.


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