Hi Everyone,

I got the call today, I will be attending the corrections academy at FESC. I originally was slated for LEO, but after an oral board review, everything changed. They are still figuring out a start date for the academy, either July or August. My question is, how can I prepare now for the academy? I have two weeks left before graduating with my associate's degree. I have been attending a gym for over a year now. After the news today, I'm motivated to step it up from the three days a week to five days...specially during summer break.

Aside from the physical aspect, what materials should I have? I've heard varying information, one said I need to go buy a Glock for the academy. Another said they supply the weapons. What about boots? I know they supply the uniforms, I would hope the footwear too.

Also, for full-time what can I anticipate as a schedule during the six month academy?

Any input is appreciated