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Academy running troubles


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    Wow, thank you everyone for your support!

    By the way....

    I'm also a "SHE".


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      the pink gun was a clue


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        Haha...I posted that after my last reply.


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          Hey! I read your older post from 2013 about Being behind in the class during runs. Im also a female struggling with the same issue. I beat myself up about it everyday. Im usually 1 min and 40 seconds behind the class . I hate it and I hate being last. Im also on week 11 out of 21. Any advice? Thanks a bunch


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            Editing a comment
            I'll bite.....
            What is it you are struggling with? Out of breath? Slower? Injury?

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          Six year old thread...
          Now go home and get your shine box!


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            Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
            Six year old thread...
            I was about to reply too......guess I'll add my .02 because no one asked me and I like inserting my opinion as a rookie into conversations between senior officers. They give me this look that makes me feel really included in the group

            I will echo some of the past advice.....the Academy is pass, or fail. If you start over training and injure yourself, you fail. If you start over training and neglect to study, or clean your weapon so you fail quals, you fail.

            Granted, you very well may be able to train outside of class, improve your run time, and still pass all other requirements - is it worth the risk? I have been on the street for under 1 year. Compared to the other posters, I graduated the Academy yesterday. However, I can tell you that my Admin, and coworkers, already have literally no memory of how I did in the Academy, what my scores were, or what my work was like.

            The only thing that remained relevant was that certificate I received at the end (and all the great training I got along the way)
            Originally posted by Iowa #1603
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              What do they call the person who graduates last in his class in medical school?

              Originally posted by RSGSRT
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              Why is it acceptable for you to be an idiot, but not acceptable for me to point it out?


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