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Tips for shooting shotgun slugs?


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    I have a private purchase LAPD approved rifle with optics I carry, and I am slug certified. The slug course is no joke 2 days 20 hours. Qual out to 75 yes (used to be 100 when I went through) and better have the manipulations locked on. Technically we are supposed to revert every 4 months but usually only happens ever 6. The rifle school is also demanding, 4 days lots of manipulations and a rather strenuous qual that includes running with the rifle then taking a shot and 100yd single shots.

    They are rather strict about the rules for the rifle/slug cadre, however like everything else have slightly relaxed the standards more recently. But after the first two negligent discharges in UPR/SSA Cadre history they are ratcheting back down.

    Also during the time of the NHWD B of A shootout only about 25-30 officers department wide (outside of SWAT / SIS) were authorized to carry slugs and they were for station defense only. The officers were strictly forbidden (Like SHALL AT NO TIME DEPLOY IN FIELD) from using them outside of station defense the slugs were kept locked and secured at the station. That all changed shortly there after.
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      To the OP - how did you do?

      Probably too late to throw in my .02 -- but for me the biggest thing to remember about the shotgun is the same thing to remember about any gun. Have respect for it, but don't let it scare you. If you are afraid of your weapon - then you will always do poorly.

      It's going to kick like a mule. As others said - get a good cheek weld. Make sure you close your teeth together or the recoil will give you a jaw ache for days. Hold it tight to your shoulder, get your cheek on it, get a good line of site, squeeze the trigger and enjoy the ride. And don't be scared of it. It's just a gun.

      We did our shotgun quals 2 weeks ago. First few shots were from the 100 yd line, then moved up. We were running out of time and it was almost dark - I couldn't even see if I hit the target or not - but I ended up scoring 100. Too many days quail and dove hunting as a teen paid off I guess.


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        When I was in the Academy, we had .40 S&W handguns and Rem 870 shotguns.

        Now we are issued a .45 Glock, Mossberg 500 shotgun, and an AR (Bushmaster, Sig, S&W)... we have something for every incident. Being in the school, I will keep the Sig 556 carbine for in-school and the shotgun in my patrol SUV.

        Back to OP's post, depends on your sights and breathing control. I believe it's inhale, squeeze, exhale, rack. I do it naturally now, so I am not sure of the order anymore.
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          Thanks for all the advise. I shot a 98% but I hit all of my slugs. Turns out they train us much harder than the standards so the test was cake. Pretty smart. Only 5 weeks left out of the six month academy!


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            We just finished firearms qualifications at my academy. We shot rifled slugs and 00 buck out of Remington 870s. We only had to qualify from 25 yards with the shotty; I thought it was a blast.


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              I almost feel ripped off from my Academy. We only had one day of shotgun familiarization and only fired 7 shots with it at 15yds. We didn't have to qualify with it or anything, lol.

              I already knew how to fire it going in, but still, lol.


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                A lot of great advice has ready been given but I can summarize it in one sentence.

                Put the front sight where you want your slug to hit and press the trigger without moving the sights.

                It really is that simple! Seriously though, anticipation of recoil is usually the cause of accuracy problems. My above sentence is much easier said than done. Practice dry fire as much as possible and then try to shoot just like that.

                Congrats on the 98%. You should be shooting possibles in no time.
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                  Its been a while for me and the shotgun, but I do remember that at 25 yards, if you aim at the groin, you WILL hit directly in the middle of the silhouette target.


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