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What is provided by the department?


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  • What is provided by the department?

    I am pretty close to completing backgrounds, and if all goes well will be in a July Academy as a sponsored cadet. Generally speaking, what is provided by the department and what would I have to purchase as a sponsored cadet?

    If it's of any assistance, it would be Bakersfield PD, CA.


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    Wouldn't it be wiser to ask them (the people who actually know the answer to your question) than the rest of us, who would simply be guessing?


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      My thought was to get a general idea of what I will be purchasing to have an idea of how much I will be spending. Money isn't an issue, I just like to have things somewhat in order, but I don't want to ask a bunch of questions to my BI and then have him irritated with me while he wraps it up.

      If anyone wants to provide any general info, awesome. If it's almost always dept specific, then that is fine too.



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        It all depends on the department. For my academy i have to supply everything, I've spent about $2,000 on the good stuff plus a firearm. Meanwhile the agency next to my town issued them everything.


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          The sponsoring agency should be able to assist you in this question. A previous post made this point to you, very clearly, very validly. Much of your success, or lack thereof, is going to depend on your ability to read and understand clear and concise English.

          Sounds a little harsh, I know. But, simply inquire of your sponsoring agency. Problem solved.


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            California law requires that an employer issue all safety equipment at no charge.

            Basics should include your weapon, ammo, cuffs, most (but not all) leather, baton, OC, flashlight, walkie talkie. Beyond that what constitutes “Safety Equipment” is usually negotiated by the Police Association and is usually found in their Memorandum of Understanding or MOU, which is their contract. Strangely enough, the current BPD MOU only mentions vests. http://www.bakersfieldcity.us/admini...026-13_all.pdf

            BPD may or may not issue more, such as academy uniforms. As the others have said, your best bet is to ask BPD. Saba Uniform in Bakersfield usually takes care of everyone in the south part of the valley. They should have everything BPD does not provide.

            In addition, make an effort to read the above MOU. It will tell you a lot about agreements the Association has made with the Department as to how you will be treated, benefits you will or will not receive, etc.
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              Thanks L-1. A lot of good information in there. I appreciate you taking the time to find that for me, as I had never seen or heard of an MOU.


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                For my first Academy, I had to buy my own uniform (Dockers), shoes, and PT gear, as well as 2 locks for 2 lockers. Vest, belt, pins, and duty gear was provided.

                For the second, I had to buy my own backpack, shoes, PT gear, and a lock. The uniform, vest, and duty gear was provided.
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