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California Highway Patrol Academy 2013


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  • California Highway Patrol Academy 2013

    Hey yall,

    Im posting this thread for all those going through the application process as well as those waiting for it open up again. I tried to find a current thread but was unable to.
    I am in Golden Gate and received a score of 90 on my QAP. From what I hear, all 95's have been contacted by a BI and 90's are soon to follow.

    A good source of information and direct contact with the recruiters is the CHP Recruiting facebook page. They are really good about answering any questions.

    So where are you in the process? Are you waiting for the next opening? I heard it might be sometime at the end of this year.
    Criminals are dumb, otherwise we wouldn't have a job.

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    See: http: //forums.officer.com/t184051/


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      JoMi you just posted a link to this thread!

      Update on the process: I am on to backgrounds... my initial meeting with my background investigator is on May 2nd. Is anybody else going to backgrounds?
      Criminals are dumb, otherwise we wouldn't have a job.


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        hey JBadge, I am a 90QAP from the southern division and have not yet been contacted, there is one more member on this forum from the souther division that has been contacted and seems like he is in your pool of BI.
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          I received a 90 as well on my QAP. I was surprised that I was contacted to soon. I was supposed to have my initial interview last Thursday but my BI had some family issues and has postponed it till June. Im surprised there aren't more CHP applicants on this forum.
          Criminals are dumb, otherwise we wouldn't have a job.


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            Check the California section of the board as there is a lengthy discussion already in progress. It's on page 2 I'd link it but I don't have 100 posts.

            From personal experience if I was getting ready to go through the chp academy I would keep my online activity to a minimum. But that's just me.
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              Thanks for the advice. I had searched for a CHP Academy section but with no luck. I will look again.
              Criminals are dumb, otherwise we wouldn't have a job.


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                Hey all! New to the thread but just thought I'd contribute with my hiring process progress. Everything has been a cake walk except for the QAP since now I feel like I'm not really in control from this point on about what the ones making the assessments about me think about me. So far, so good, though.

                2/09/13 -Passed Written
                2/23/13 -Passed PAT
                2/27/13 - QAP=80. Not accepted at first. Emailed later.
                9/30/13 -Turned in PHS to Central Division Office
                Today -Still waiting to hear back from BI.

                Hoping to make it into the Spring 2014 academy since time doesn't look like it's going to be on my side for the January academy.


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