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    Is anyone here attending palm beach state academy ?
    If so how's the training ? i am starting on august 25th and i would like to have some insight ....
    i run 3 to 5 miles a day (3-4 times per week )
    i lift, i do push-ups/sit-ups
    so what should i expect ? and is there anything i should be prepared for ?
    Thank You Guys, You've Been informative ...greatly appreciated ....


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      I started out running 1.5 mile but recently uped it to 3 miles.. In the nj state police academy you run every day , each week miles increase by 10% ( im not i academy still in process)


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        Originally posted by Tony88 View Post
        Did you have to run up the stairs with your bag? I know a lot of companies done that.
        No bag, but we did have full duty belt and vest... sometimes even our long baton which we had to remove from the duty belt and carry(pain in the ***).


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          Originally posted by cards View Post
          The ISP does not allow the recruits to rehydrate during 2 hours intense cardio???sounds like an accident waiting to happen...then they go into 2 more hours of intense almost back to back, without rehydration...Is this normal????
          We rarely got breaks to hydrate during our 1 to 1.5 hours of cardio/modified crossfit workouts. Our instructors gave us the reasoning that out on the street if we got into a fight for our life we wouldn't get a chance to stop for a water break... We also were yelled at for stopping to tie our shoes for that same reasoning.

          To try and balance this out, we all tried to consume a lot of water in the morning and early afternoon, as our physical training was always the last two hours of the day.

          One person in my class had to quit due to a serious medical issue that could have been caused by dehydration. Other than that, the rest of us survived. I know I would have done better with more water.


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            When we were done a run we were instructed to hydrate, even if not thirsty.
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              the most we ran was like 9.5miles otherwise when we did exercise it was like 1-2miles at most.


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                I attended a local academy in east tx. We ran somewhere between 3X per week and every day that week (weekdays). It really depended on subject matter at the time, if someone ****ed off the instructor, etc.

                We would usually cover 2-4miles and mix in planks, pushups, situps, yada yada yada throughout the run.

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