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Injured military wondering about academy?


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  • Injured military wondering about academy?

    Hey all,

    I grew up wanting to be a police officer and was even a police explorer when I was younger. I am now in the army and getting a MEB. I had a right knee surgery about a year ago which is still messed up. Now what I am wondering will this hinder me from even getting hired to goto academy. Do police academys take injuries from the military in account while your going through academy. I know if I push through the pain I can make it through the testing process but I am wondering about the academy its self also.


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    As long as you get cleared by a doctor to participate in the academy and as a cop you shouldn't have a problem.


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      If your knee is still "messed up" a year after surgery and you're looking at a medical discharge, the odds aren't in your favor. There's more to it than just getting through PT at the academy, we also have to qualify for the pension system. There's a whole list of dis-qualifiers. For example, Washington State's standards for "lower extremities" are here.


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        If your knee is still messed up you need to heel first. The academy's I have been to it look at it like this. You can either do it or you can't. This is harsh but so is law enforcement.

        I am service connected disabled so I know how this is sitting on your mind. You will know before the academy if you are up to it. A good rule of thumb, if you feel like you can pass basic again you can pass the academy. Good look, hope this helps.


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          I've had surgery on my right knee too so I know where you're coming from. Let it heal, not only does it let you get whole again, it'll give you time to plan things out so that when you are able, you can attack your goal.
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            I just graduated from Little Creek. Follow this link I think it would answer your question. He cut two minutes off his run by the time we graduated.



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              Originally posted by Michigan View Post
              As long as you get cleared by a doctor to participate in the academy and as a cop you shouldn't have a problem.

              Not only that but you must physically be able to do the job.

              Some injuries are rehabilitable and some are not----it is going to take a doctor(your doctor), a company doctor (agency appointed) and your own good sense to find out if you can be competitive.

              The profession is hard on knees and backs. I know several people who either retire early or don't even make it through the academy because of knee problems. Knee problems also can either aggravate or invite back problems.....it is a vicious cycle.

              Seventy2002 talks about the pension system. If you are in a department that has pension standards you might also have problems here------------since any aggravation of an existing injury would be costly for the pension system (and yes the department is on the hook for any aggravation of existing problems) .

              You are just going to have to see-------I wouldn't want to discourage you ------but you need to make sure that you can do it, and that you don't' "push through the pain" and further injure yourself.
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                There are many in this field, who have a disability rating from the VA due to a service connected injury, they perform their job well and go on to enjoy a great career and great retirement………There are those that have a VA disability rating and never get hired, they move on and do other things in life. It is all up to the agency that is employing (or looking at) you. Same thing for those that get a medical retirement from the Military (there is a difference), if the department tells you NO, look elsewhere, if many are telling you NO for the same reason, look at something else.
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