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NCTCOG June 13 Academy Arlington, TX


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  • NCTCOG June 13 Academy Arlington, TX

    Anyone out there going to be attending class 211? I'm coming from out of state and looking for roomates during the academy?

    Also, has anyone been through this academy lately? Looking for tips,suggestions etc....


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    I just graduated with class 208 on Friday. It's a very laid-back academy. It feels more like a community college course than anything. We never PT'd more than 3 times a week, and that was probably only for a few weeks.

    -Look sharp
    -Get plenty of sleep (some classes are ridiculously boring)
    -Leave home early. 2 pro sports stadiums and 2 amusement parks within a mile or so (not to mention endless construction), you can count on being delayed and/or needing to use an alternate route to the building when events are going on.

    Most of all you need to study and study correctly. None of the material is very difficult at all, but there is plenty of it. http://www.victoriacollege.edu/practicetestpa has several practice tests that helped some of the recruits in my class prepare for tests.
    http://www.tletca.org/test/old/new280.htm is test that helped me a lot on the TCLEOSE licensing exam.
    Also, a tip that took some in my class most of the academy to learn...Don't trust the instructors for academy test information. For testing purposes, you may as well pitch their handouts in the trash. Trust what's in the "study guide" that the academy furnishes. The 14 major exams' questions are drawn only from material covered in this booklet.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions about the academy.


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      Hey TK5, I'm going through the police academy at TCC next month, and was wondering if you knew if they are similar to what you went through. Yours does sound more laid back, I've heard TCC was a bit more like boot camp.. What have you heard?


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        I don't know much about the TCC program. I've only heard of one other academy besides COG that is supposedly as laid back, and that was Eastfield. I can say that if the TCC program is anything like FWPD's it will likely be a rigorous experience.


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