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  • Academy PT Question

    I have hopes of starting an academy in June and have been preparing just in case. I already maintain a level of fitness since I am in the reserves and for my age and gender I'm definitely in great shape. I usually score Outstanding on my PRT, run or bike 3-4 times per week and lift weights 4-5 times per week. Along with pushups and sit ups.

    However, what's outstanding for a 41 yr old female is slow for a 21 yr old male. The kids in my unit knock out their 1.5 mile run in 8:45-9:00. I'm pulling 13:00-13:20 usually. I can go out and run 5+ miles but it will be a 10 min mile pace. I can speed it up for shorter distances, but 9 seems to be my wall. I do sprints, intervals, tempo, hills, road bike, mountain bike and the speed doesn't get better for me. Am I genetically doomed?

    My question is if they have group runs in the academy, do they let the jackrabbits set the pace? I'm realistic and know we will be smoked, but I have nightmares of being the last one done or not being able to keep up. I hope that they take things into account. I may not be able to outrun a 21 yr old kid, but I am hoping that marksmanship, DT, and academics balance things out. Not to mention that I am stubborn as the devil and twice as treacherous.

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    The majority of your academy will most likely be older than 21. The median age of the recruits when I was going through was about 25-35. Your current PT scores seem great... most people half your age aren't pulling those run times. Just keep doing what you are doing, and don't worry about how you stack-up against the others. Besides, most of our Officers don't get into '5-mile foot pursuits' (unless the guy just robbed a Dunkin Donuts)


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      Michigan's law enforcement standard for a females fitness level of an age group is absolutely embarrassing compared to the standard for males. But when you're in the academy everyone's held to the same standard until PT tests are done. By the end of the academy the women were right up there with the males scores and on some occasions even exceeding them. Ur fitness level for your age group is nothing to be worried about. Just keep doing what your doing and push yourself to the limits everyday. When you get into the academy it's going to be a real shock to your system no matter how good of shape you're in. Just be in the best shape of your life before day 1, because you don't want to be the one who sticks out and have all the instructors in your face shouting at ya and telling you to just give up and go home cause you didn't come prepared. Get ready for the ride of your life and just remember that pain is only temporary and there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Best of luck.
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        The pace for our runs are set by the instructors leading the run. Typically, it has been around the 10 minute/mile pace so far. If a recruit drops out of the run, either one of the instructors or one of the stronger runners will drop back and run with them. However, the entire class will circle back to try to get them back into the group. This process will be repeated if need be. That or the class will be doing some sort of physical exercise (switching between plank position and 6 inch leg lifts) until everyone finishes.


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          Your times seem great. Our best runner had a 10:11 1.5 run. In my academy they let the slow pokes pace the run and it was about a 10 minute mile pace.


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            Thank you all very much! I am SO relieved to hear this. I will continue to work hard and prepare the best I can. I appreciate the input!


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