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California POST RBC vs. SIBC


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  • California POST RBC vs. SIBC

    I am curious as to if anyone knows the difference between California's SIBC course vs. RBC as it applies to any limitations an SIBC Agency has versus a RBC Agency. I understand RBC adds LD's 13 (ABC), 21 (Patrol Tech.), 22 (T-Stops), 24 (Handling Disputes), 27 (Missing Persons), 28 (Traffic Enf.), 29 (TC's) and 31 (Custody) as well has the 40 hour PT component. I also realize SIBC add's LD's 60 (Surveillance), 61 (Admin), 62 (Case mgmt.) and 63 (Computer crimes). As well as the hours (RBC is 664 vs 591 for SIBC). I know Authority is granted by Statute, but is there any other limitations imposed on SIBC agenices? Thanks!

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    California state investigative agencies basically operate as independent law enforcement agencies under their respective parent organizations. I.E. DMV Investigations is a branch of the DMV, Department of Insurance Fraud Division is a Division in the DOI's Enforcement Branch. Each agency is specifically tasked with conducting investigations in their specialized areas. For the peace officer positions within these agencies you need a minimum of at least a Specialized Post Certificate (SIBC) or a Regular Basic Course Certificate (RBC) along with whatever educational requirements each requires. The biggest difference in my opinion is that as a holder of a Specialized Certificate you can only work for the State investigative agencies as well as the State DOJ. You could not lateral to a PD, Sheriff's Office, or District Attorney's Office with a Specialized Certificate. Most State agencies including mine (DOI) are putting new hires through the RBC.
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