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  • Training to become detective

    I want to become a detective when I get older and I want to know what's the best way to meet the physical and psychological demands. What I mean by physical demands is if I need to follow a diet and what type of weekly exercise plan I should follow as for the psychological part I want to know if there's any way I can improve myself mentally. I have no gym equipment and my mom basically ridicules me when I say I want to go on a diet. I'm not fat but I definitely need to be more fit.

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    All the questions you're posting should probably go in the "Ask a Cop" section.

    Rules & Guidelines is for forum rules and such.


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      The best way to be a detective? Be a good street cop first, know the law, learn how to talk to people, learn about people, learn how to apply the law to your job.

      So, keep clean, don't do stupid things that will keep you from getting hired somewhere as a police officer.

      As for keeping in shape....I would suggest a rowing machine to start with....a good overall exercise.



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        Detectives are selected from accomplished and experienced police officers who have consistently demonstrated good knowledge of the law, good instincts for people and situations, and sound judgement. You can expect to spend several years as a working cop before ever being considered for an investigative position.

        In the meantime there is nothing wrong with coffee and donuts, or apple pie with vanilla ice cream, or a second trip through the "all you can eat" buffet line. All you have to do is keep letting out your belt a little more each month, maybe buy some larger clothes from time to time. With any luck at all you will make it to retirement age without a serious cardiac event.

        Humor, nothing more. Detectives aren't created, they evolve from street cops. Nothing will teach you how to think, or interact with people, or know in your gut when someone is lying to you with a straight face. Experience and common sense is the key, not classroom instruction.


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          How old are you?


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