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    I’m a LEO in New York and can own and carry a firearm on my shield. The question I have is if I purchase a pistol for use on the range or competition shooting only and do not intend to carry the weapon on or off duty, do I still have to fill out a C Form?
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    I would ask that question in the NY section
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      JDlaw...The short answer is yes. If you are purchasing the firearm on your creds it must be recorded with the NYSP. It is questionable whether the firearm must be so recorded if purchased on a carry permit. But remember if the job does not at least know about the weapon, and you use it while taking police action, the job might deny indemnification.


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        I’ll echo Dino, if you buy the gun on your creds you need to complete a C form. If you buy it on your pistol permit, it’s up to agency policy whether or not they want a C form. For example, my agency requires one no matter what.

        If it was me, I would just complete the form and be done with it. Here’s why:

        Let’s say a cop buys a pistol on his badge, never completes a C form because he’s going to lateral to another agency shortly. Does not register it on his permit because he’s moving to a different county where he’s going to lateral.

        At this point his intent was to register the gun, but life happens. Years later, his gun gets stolen from his home and he reports it stolen at the local SP barracks.

        Guess what one of the first question asked by the assigned investigator? And when there was no documentation the gun was legally owned there was a big problem.

        Penal Law Section 400 is extremely long and boring to read. Just saying.
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