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Officer Gunned Down


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    Another brick taken out of the thin blue line between criminal element and society.
    Rest in Peace Brother for you've been chosen to patrol the streets of heaven.

    Lord, watch over the ones left behind.
    Take your hands off the trunk of the car and I'll make your Birth Certificate just another worthless document!!


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      There's just too many!

      Here is the information that is found on the second link you gave, Rachel...

      ************************************************** *****

      *Sergeant Gregory Sears
      Hampshire Police Department, IL

      Cause of Death: Gunfire
      End of Watch: June 1, 2000
      Date of Incident: June 1, 2000
      Time of Incident: 2100 hours
      Age: 50
      Tour of Duty: 7 yr
      Suspect Info: Fled scene
      Weapon Used: Gun; Unknown type

      Sergeant Sears was shot and killed while on routine patrol in an industrial area near U.S. Route 20 and Interstate 90. Sergeant Sears had not been dispatched to the area and was not making a traffic stop at the time. A witness heard several shots and found his body approximately 20 feet from his cruiser. Sergeant Sears was wearing a vest and still had his weapon in his holster. He had been with the agency for seven years and is survived by his wife.

      *as reported by the ODMP

      ************************************************** *****

      What happened to Gregory? If any further news comes forward... please post it.

      God bless his new bride and all his brothers and sisters in blue.


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        Sgt. Sears will be missed in Hampshire. He was a wonderful person, hard working, and dedicated to the people of the area. I am glad I had the chance to know him. It is such a shock that something like this would happen in a small farm community....but now I know it could.....

        Sgt. Sears exited his squad for an unknown reason, without advising dispatch of his location. He was then shot three times in the head. It is believed that he knew the killer due to the fact that he left his flashlight in the squad, and that both of his weapons were holstered.

        About two hours ago, a suspect was taken into custody at Greg's house, "paying respects to Greg". He was then taken to the PD. No formal charges have yet been filed.

        Please keep his parents and his wife in your prayers. Sgt. Sears will be deeply missed by me as well as everyone else he served daily in the communuity.

        [This message has been edited by CJ122 (edited 06-02-2000).]
        Words of Wisdom: "It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by six"... Stay Safe out there...



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          I'm shocked to think this man's killer could have been in his home consolling his widow. I hate to think it could be true, but I think you are right... Gregory must have known the person who did this to him.

          I'm sorry you are so personally touched by this tradegy, Chris...I know you and your entire community must be hurting right now. Please let me know what happens... and try to be strong. I will be thinking of you.

          My prayers will be for all of you.


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            I agree with you 100%. It's not bad enough that we, as Police Officers, have to watch everything and one around us in the performance of our duties, but to think that now we have to watch our friends to boot!

            Times are getting crazier and crazier. Ya'll be safe out there, it seems as though this is the year to mount a Officers head on the wall.

            Take your hands off the trunk of the car and I'll make your Birth Certificate just another worthless document!!


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              From the Elgin Courier News, June 3,2000:

              Newlywed cop was 'good guy'
              By George Houde
              STAFF WRITER

              Tapped for high honors: Sears and wife of three weeks were preparing to leave on their honeymoon

              HAMPSHIRE -- It was a police wedding, with a gathering of officers helping Gregory Sears and his bride Norma Jean celebrate their new life together.
              Hampshire Police Chief Thomas Atchison was the best man, and other officers from around Kane County were in attendance May 13 at Marengo United Methodist Church where the couple took their vows. Greg and Norma Jean Sears reportedly were to have started a honeymoon this weekend.
              "It was a small wedding," recalled Gilberts Police Chief Mike Joswick, where Sears worked part-time as an officer. "Just family and friends, police officers mostly. A lot of guys knew Greg."
              The plans, the marriage and that life together ended Thursday night when Sears, a Hampshire police sergeant, was found shot to death less than a half-mile from where his bride worked at a Hampshire truck stop.
              Police arrested John Carroccia, 50, of Rockford, in the slaying Friday evening, when he dropped by the victim's own Marengo home; Sears had moved there not long ago to be close to his elderly parents, according to friends. Carroccia is charged with first-degree murder.
              Joswick, a member of the wedding party, was stunned by Sears' death, as were police officers across the county.
              Sears, 50, had worked as an officer in a number of towns, including Huntley, Lakewood, Gilberts and Hampshire, where be began duties in 1993.

              Cop of the year nominee

              He was nominated this year for Kane County Police Officer of the Year for his part in a high-speed pursuit that ended in the 1999 arrest of a burglary suspect. He also had been recognized by the county chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his enforcement of DUI laws.
              The small Hampshire Police Department, with a total of 12 officers, called in Kane County sheriff's investigators and the FBI to help in the investigation.
              "I don't know if it will be shortly," said Atchison, responding to a question about how soon an arrest was expected. "But we're going to turn over every rock."
              Officers said while they hoped Carroccia's arrest would clear the case, Sears would be missed. He had just returned to duty Thursday after suffering a stroke several weeks ago while driving his squad car on Illinois 23.
              Sears was hospitalized but was cleared by doctors to return to duty, according to Atchison and Joswick.
              "We were pretty good friends," said Joswick, who went to the scene of the murder late Thursday night and remained on duty through Friday. "He was well-liked in the department. He was a good guy."

              Shot three times
              Sears' body was found lying face-down in a turnout off Tang Road, an access drive from U.S. 20 to two large manufacturing plants, Elgiloy and PoliFilm USA. He had been shot three times in the head about 9 p.m. but was not found until several hours later by employees from Elgiloy, according to police.
              The location is just north of the Travel Center of America truck stop at U.S. 20 and Interstate 90, where Norma Jean Sears worked as a fuel counter cashier. Gregory Sears had had dinner there with Atchison earlier Thursday evening, and officers returned later to notify Norma Jean that her husband was dead.
              Efforts to contact her Friday were unsuccessful.
              The slaying electrified the community, generating an outpouring of sympathy and support.
              "It came as a big shock," said a waitress at the Country Pride restaurant in the truck stop. "Everyone here will miss him. We all knew who he was."
              The waitress asked that her name not be used. 'He loved his job'
              Sears' blonde hair and hefty 6-foot frame in the blue police officer's uniform with sergeant stripes were a familiar sight at the truck stop. So much so that Atchison acknowledged he ordered Sears to alter his patrol pattern to spend more time away from it.
              Still, Atchison described Sears as a diligent officer and one who was good at traffic enforcement.
              "He was a diligent truck enforcement officer," said Atchison. "He wrote tickets for violations I'd never heard of before."
              Atchison said the reaction from the community contained a "lot of support and a lot of shock."
              "He loved his job. He was never late for work," said Atchison. "It wasn't a job for him. It was a way of life."
              Elizabeth Nack of Hampshire placed a vase of flowers on the curb where Sears was found. She said she lives nearby and did not know Sears, but she was moved when she saw news of his death on television.
              "I just wanted to say we really appreciated him and we're really, really sorry something like this could happen to him," said Nack.
              A card with the flowers read, "Hampshire grieves. Thank you for keeping us safe."
              Sears' slaying was the first time a Hampshire police officer was killed on duty and the first time in decades an officer in Kane County was killed.
              Funeral arrangements for Sears were pending.

              Words of Wisdom: "It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by six"... Stay Safe out there...



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                Thank you for the additional info CJ122. It is very much appreciated.


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                  From August 26 Edition of Elgin Courier News:

                  Accused cop killer asking court for funds


                  By Peter Denk
                  STAFF WRITER

                  Defense costs: Carroccia's attorney wants cash for experts, own investigation

                  ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP
                  Words of Wisdom: "It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by six"... Stay Safe out there...

                  FIGHT CRIME...SHOOT TO KILL


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                    Oh, Chris... this does not look good. I sure hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those sinister cases where I want to beat the crapola out of a new bride.

                    Will you pass on any new info you get... please? I'd like to find out that my take on this is wrong.

                    [This message has been edited by Rebecca (edited 08-27-2000).]


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                      From the Elgin Courier News 01-18-2001 Edition:

                      Sears murder case picks up speed

                      By Gloria Carr
                      STAFF WRITER

                      Judge issues ruling: Trial date may be scheduled at early February hearing

                      ST. CHARLES TOWNSHIP
                      Words of Wisdom: "It's better to be judged by 12 then carried by six"... Stay Safe out there...

                      FIGHT CRIME...SHOOT TO KILL


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