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PC Andrew Harper EoW Aug 16 2019


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  • PC Andrew Harper EoW Aug 16 2019

    UK Cop Humour on FB always posts a remembrance for a fallen Bobby. This is about PC Andrew Harper, Thames Valley Police, who died on this day in 2019, after sustaining fatal injuries when he was hit and dragged along by a vehicle while attending a reported burglary. PC Harper was 28 years old.

    In July 2020, three males, the robbery suspects, (driver 20, (2) passengers 18) were found guilty of manslaughter and received sentences of 16 and 13 years imprisonment. They were acquitted on the charge of murder. Harper's killing led to the passing of Harper's Law, which introduced a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment for anyone convicted of killing emergency workers.

    August 16, 2019 ยท
    As you hang up your belt or tac vest at the end of your next shift, please stop and pause for thought for a few quiet seconds...

    It's probably been just another crappy shift. Still short on numbers. Same crap calls. Very little opportunity to help those that genuinely need it. Hands tied by red tape. No support from other agencies. You're tired, you're glum, you want to de-kit and go home.

    But, you'll hang up your stuff, you'll close your locker door, you'll go home, and you'll come back to do it all again anyway.

    Because that's precisely what you do.

    Today, PC Andrew Harper didn't finish his tour of duty.

    Just like you, he went to work.
    Just like you he kitted up at his locker.
    Just like you he sat on briefing and had a cup of tea and a chat with his colleagues.
    Just like you, he answered whatever call came his way.

    Unlike you, he didn't get to go home to his family.

    There will inevitably be some that don't mourn his loss. The callous bastard that mowed him down. The scum of society that prey on the weak and vulnerable.

    They won't miss him because he - like all of you - embodies everything they hate.

    He was an unsung hero.

    You're all unsung heroes.

    He died doing what he was meant to be doing, and, we have no doubt, doing what he loved.

    He was out there, in harms way, fighting the good fight and keeping the wolves from your door.

    This is precisely why the #ThinBlueLine means so much to us.

    You probably didn't know Andrew.
    But you still knew Andrew.
    Because he was your brother.
    He was your family.
    You mourn him as your own flesh and blood.

    It doesn't matter who you are, or where you work. You could be sent somewhere tomorrow and be stood, shoulder to shoulder with another Andrew, or a David, or a Mohammed, or a James, Laura, Kimberley or Emma. It doesn't matter who. You still hold the line as one and you put yourself between us and those that would do us harm.

    We are very close to Policing and we interact with Bobbies the length and breadth of the land. Every single time we see a #ThinBlueLine patch on a uniform it truly humbles us.

    They tried spinning it as a protest against cuts.
    They tried making it political.
    It's not.
    It never was.

    To some, it's just a line.
    To us, it's a family crest.

    The line has always been thin, but it will ALWAYS be blue. It will ALWAYS be the strongest bond between Police Officers here and around the whole wide world.

    Andrew's death is a tragic and senseless loss but he will NEVER be forgotten. Let us remember him and celebrate his life whilst holding our heads high and being immensely proud of the unique bond he will ALWAYS be a part of.

    Hold your loved ones a little tighter tonight.

    Stay safe and look after each other,
    R.I.P. Brother x

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