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Deputy Killed by Falling Tree During Funeral Procession - Louisiana


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  • Camo Cop

    From a relative of Mary's...

    Hi All,

    Keep those wonderful prayers coming - y'all are terrific and God is
    awesome! The prayer pager continues to give great support and comfort
    to Mary and her parents.

    An update - If you knew Mary's mom, you'd really appreciate this. April
    is a cajun who never stops talking, and never stops entertaining. Mary
    is a chip off the old block, so not speaking all this time has been a
    real hardship for her. Well about 2 weeks ago, in spite of the fact
    that she was not supposed to be able to talk with the tracheotomy, she
    started talking. It was labored and she had to take a breath with each
    word, but you just can't keep a good Cajun quiet! Fast forward to now -
    the trach has been removed, and they have put in a "Montgomery button"
    in place of the trach which is much less invasive and allows her to talk
    normally. This Monday, 7/30, they are supposed to take out the
    Montgomery button also. Please pray for continued help with her
    breathing - it is much better but still not what it should be as the
    paralysis affects her diaphragm.

    She is sitting up much straighter in her wheelchair now. Physical
    Therapy is still exercising her, and Occupational Therapy is teaching
    her how to dress herself, get herself in and out of bed, etc. Spirits
    are good, but she is grieving now about the loss of her boyfriend, Beau.

    She's had lots of company up there, and lots of cards and letters - keep
    those coming. I don't know if she's doing e-mail with the laptop they
    brought - if she is, I will pass that information on to you.

    Plans now are for her to be discharged from the regular part of the
    rehab center on August 30th. Then she is to move to an apartment
    they have set up for patients for two weeks where she will learn to live
    as independently as possible with the help of therapists and counselors.

    Mary has the take charge personality of her mother, and she has already
    contacted the Tangipahoa sheriff's office to tell them what
    accomodations she would need to return to work as a dispatcher. The
    sheriff's office is working to redesign the room and her workstation to
    meet those needs. What a blessing that would be to return to her job
    where they have been so good to her and love her so.

    Regions Banks across the nation have an account set up for Mary. She'll need things like a van that she'll be able to operate from her chair. If you can spare your lunch money one day please feel free to stop in at any Regions Bank and inquire abou the account set up for Marylin Mayo.

    That's all for now, thank you all again for everything!

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  • SlowDownThere
    Deepest condolences.

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  • imtherookie
    R.I.P from your brothers at BRPD

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  • JonMcD1980
    Honestly, what can one say? God Speed their families, friends and co-workers.

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  • bikecop136
    I could not believe this when i first read about this. May god bless you and your family....

    R.I.P. Brother

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  • JLW
    Words cannot express how I feel right now. Beau, my friend, you will be gretaly missed by all who worked beside you. It will definitely be hard to go to Walmart and not see you working the detail. rest in peace brother.

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  • Deputy Killed by Falling Tree During Funeral Procession - Louisiana


    (Mary is my cousin. She's a really super person. Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated greatly. Her brother is a detective w/ the Baton Rouge P.D. and her Dad is a two tour Marine Corps Vietnam Vet. )

    Deputy killed by falling tree during funeral procession
    09:36 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 13, 2007

    The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s department, already reeling from the first on-duty death of one of their officers in 28 years, had to deal with more tragedy after another colleague was killed in a freak accident during the honorary processional Wednesday.

    A severe line of thunderstorms raced through Covington just as a five-mile funeral processional for Deputy Hilery Mayo was making its way through town. The strong winds snapped several trees, one of them which fell 13 feet into the cruiser of Corporal Linden “Beau” Raimer and Deputy Marylin “Mary” Mayo (no relation to Hilery Mayo). Raimer was killed. Marylin Mayo was in critical condition with serious injuries to her spine.

    “It’s incredibly tragic,” said Sheriff Jack Strain. “The rarity of being in the funeral procession for one deputy and have a tragedy like this occur, it makes many ask, ‘why?’

    According to a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, Raimer had worked for the department for 10 years and had been assigned to the same district as his good friend Hilery Mayo.

    Deputy Marylin Mayo lives in Slidell and works in the Sheriff's Office Communications Division. She has been with the Sheriff's Office since October 7, 2005.

    Marylin Mayo was taken to Tulane Medical Center after initial treatment in St. Tammany. Fellow officers showed support by applauding and cheering her on as she was loaded up for the ride from one facility to the other.

    The processional, which included an impressive number of law enforcement vehicles, was in honor of Hilery Mayo Jr., who died when he lost control of his vehicle while responding to a call over the weekend near Folsom

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