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Arvada Office Down


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  • Arvada Office Down

    An Arvada, CO Officer has been shot and killed this afternoon. Recent event, no firm details yet. Prayers for the Officer, their family and colleagues.

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    Arvada Police Release of Information

    In an effort to be transparent with our community we want to provide the below timeline of events of June 21, 2021.

    • 12:49pm – The suspect’s brother calls asking for a welfare check because his brother was going to “do something crazy.”
    • 1:08pm -Officer Beesley and another Arvada PD Officer attempted to contact the suspect at his residence, to check his welfare as requested. They are unable to make contact with him, and clear from the call for service at 1:18pm.
    • 1:17pm – Dispatch receives a suspicious person call in the Olde Town Square.
    • 1:30pm – Officer Beesley is dispatched to the suspicious person call, arriving at the Olde Town Square at 1:31pm.
    • Officer Beesley parked on Webster Street and walked through an alley toward the Olde Town Square.
    o As Officer Beesley walked westbound, the suspect pulled into the area in a truck and parked behind him.
    o The suspect got out of his truck with a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, ran after Officer Beesley and yelled at him.
    o Officer Beesley stopped, turned and immediately was shot twice by the suspect.
    o Officer Beesley did not reach for his gun and takes no defensive action – he simply turns in response to the suspect who then shoots and kills him.
    o The suspect then shot out the windows of patrol cars parked in the area and into the air.
    o The suspect ran back to his truck and retrieved an AR-15.
    o The suspect ran back towards the Olde Town Square with the long gun, where he was confronted by Mr. Hurley.
    o Mr. Hurley then shot the suspect with a handgun.
    o A responding Arvada Police Officer then encountered Mr. Hurley, who was holding the suspect’s AR-15. The officer shot him.
    Arvada police confirm officer shot Johnny Hurley, say he was holding suspect's rifle at the time (thedenverchannel.com)

    Suspect kills officer. Good samaritan kills suspect. Police arrive and kill good samaritan. What a tragic situation.

    Quickness is the essence of war.

    -Sun Tzu


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