I hope this is the right place to post this.

I received news 7 or 8 hours ago that Mike Schultz has passed.

Mike was well-known for running the Victory Police Motorcycles program and I am sure some of you will know him.

I didn't know him personally but had been exchanging a few emails with him recently due to my interest in Victory motorcycles and with a goal, maybe, of writing a book about them in police service. Mike seemed like a very nice and genuine guy and he was intending on digging out whatever he could for me. The last email I got was 2 weeks ago and he said he was "on the road" - I had thought it strange that he didn't reply to my follow up emails, and then received this sad news.

I have been in touch with the guy who posted the news and he assures me it is genuine, but no further details at this time.