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New York State Trooper Shot


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  • New York State Trooper Shot

    MARGARETVILLE, N.Y. -- A state trooper was shot in the torso Tuesday afternoon during a traffic stop on the edge of Catskill Park, but his bulletproof vest saved him from serious injury, and police were still searching for the shooter Tuesday night.

    Trooper Matthew Gombosi was shot once about 3 p.m. in the village of Margaretville, about 65 miles southwest of Albany, State Police said. He was treated at Margaretville Memorial Hospital and released.

    The shooter drove off but abandoned the Dodge Caravan on a road in the surrounding Delaware County town of Middletown. The minivan had been stolen Monday in Canton, police said.

    Police agencies across the Southern Tier were alerted to the shooting and began a manhunt.

    The suspect was identified by State Police on Tuesday night as Travis D. Trim, 23, of North Lawrence.

    Residents of the area were advised to lock their doors and remove keys from their vehicles. Police said the suspect is white, 5-foot-11, with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a torn red flannel shirt, jeans and had a hooded sweat shirt, troopers said.

    The shooting follows a hard year for state police. Three troopers were shot, one fatally, last year by fugitive Ralph "Bucky" Phillips before the jail escapee was captured in September. Another Trooper was gunned down by a bank robber in March near Elmira.

    Also, one Trooper died last April near Syracuse after crashing his vehicle while chasing a speeding motorcyclist and another, a Marine Corps captain, was killed in August while on foot patrol in Fallujah, Iraq.
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    Hope he gets back to work soon. I also hope they get the s-bag that shot him.
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      When are the bleeding heart liberals going to protect police officers?

      New York State Police say a man suspected of shooting a trooper Tuesday afternoon shot two more Wednesday.

      The ***ociated Press, quoting a spokeswoman for the Governor, says one of those troopers has died.

      This is happening in Margaretville, Delaware County. Police say Travis Trim, 23, of North Lawrence, shot Trooper Matthew Gombosi Tuesday during a traffic stop. Gombosi's bulletproof vest stopped the bullet. Trim then drove away. Police later found Trim's abandoned vehicle.

      Troopers surrounded him Wednesday morning in Margaretville, where sources say Trim shot two more troopers.

      The other trooper shot this morning is at Albany Medical Center. The names of the troopers shot today have not yet been released.

      Stay tuned to R News for coverage of this story as it develops. R News has several crews on the scene from our affiliates in Binghamton and Albany and we will bring you more information as it becomes available.

      Last Update: Apr 25, 2007 12:54 PM

      Posted By: Naveen Dhaliwal

      MARGARETVILLE - New York State Police say two more troopers were shot Wednesday morning during a search for 23 year old Travis Trim.

      A spokeswoman for Governor Spitzer reports that one of the troopers has died.

      The other trooper remains at Albany Medical Center Hospital. There's no word yet on his condition.

      Police say Trim first shot a trooper Tuesday afternoon during a traffic stop in the Village of Margaretville in Delaware County. Trooper Matthew Gombosi was protected by his bulletproof vest.

      Dozens of officers and police helicopters care are combing the Margaretville area in search of Travis Trim. The Village of Margaretville is about 65 miles southwest of Albany.

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      Hopefully this ****head won't turn out to be a coward like Bucky and ends up getting a .308 calibre lead injection.
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        House is now on fire. Still unaware if he is inside or not.


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          Wow, anyone else watching the news?
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            It's been a nervous afternoon. Two that I broke in over a decade ago were on scene. One is now the Lt. of the DEP SRT and the other is a member of the NYS MRT.

            I only hope the BG is dusted.
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              Per the news they have recovered a body...but have not identified it.

              "The body was slumped in a doorway holding a rifle," Preston Felton, acting superintendent of the New York State Police, said at a news conference Wednesday night.
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                It is an honor to wear the same uniform as this Trooper and all of our fallen comrades.


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                  Trooper David C. Brinkerhoff, you will not be forgotten


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                    Originally posted by friedom77 View Post
                    It is an honor to wear the same uniform as this Trooper and all of our fallen comrades.
                    Hey bud,

                    Don't you work near there? Did you know him? One of the guys from my station worked in the academy with him and said he was an awesome guy.

                    Terrible loss for everyone.


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                      Glad we got Trim. I was stationed a bit north of the house on a roadblock. I never want to hear something like that over the radio again as long as I live.

                      Rest in peace Trooper Brinkerhoff.


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                        They just announced it was probably friendly-fire ricochet that killed the trooper.
                        Rule #1 - If it doesn't change supper it's not worth the worry.
                        Rule #10 - YOU ARE NOW THE MINORITY. This country is no longer the one your parents knew. You will not be able to understand it. You will not be able to change it. You must learn to live with it.


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                          Friendly Fire Likely Killed N.Y. Trooper
                          By MICHAEL VIRTANEN, Associated Press Writer

                          ALBANY, N.Y. - Friendly fire apparently killed a New York state trooper as he searched a farmhouse for a suspect in the shooting of a colleague, officials said Friday.

                          Trooper David C. Brinkerhoff, a member of the force's elite mobile response team, was shot Wednesday as he and another trooper went into a Catskill-area farmhouse where the suspect had holed up.

                          "The fatal wound was made by a .223 (caliber) tactical round that was believed to have been fired by an MRT member," said acting State Police Superintendent Preston Felton.

                          The Margaretville farmhouse was destroyed hours later in a still-unexplained fire that erupted as troopers closed in on the suspect, 23-year-old Travis Trim. His badly burned body was found inside with a rifle; autopsy results have not been released.

                          Shot along with Brinkerhoff was Trooper Richard Mattson, who was wounded in the left arm and survived.

                          Felton said Trim fired the round that hit Mattson, and shot Brinkerhoff in the chest with a small-caliber round that the trooper's body armor stopped. Brinkerhoff, who was wearing a Kevlar helmet, was then shot in the back of the head, Felton said.

                          "In a firefight such as this, and our members are highly trained, what it appears happened here is that Trooper Brinkerhoff was struck in the chest and was knocked back," Felton said. "Other members came to his aid and started to return fire at the shooter. At some point Trooper Brinkerhoff ended up getting hit by a round."

                          Police initially said Trim had killed Brinkerhoff. "This was a very volatile situation," Felton said.

                          The new details about the deadly encounter were based on "an autopsy and preliminary forensic review," Felton said, adding that the full analysis of the information is not yet complete.

                          Trim had been on the run since Tuesday, when he shot a trooper after he was stopped driving a stolen vehicle. That trooper's body armor prevented him from being seriously hurt, police said.

                          (This version corrects that police believe but are not certain trooper was killed by friendly fire.)
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                            wow. what a sad story it all is.
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                              Originally posted by GrayPatriot View Post
                              Hey bud,

                              Don't you work near there? Did you know him?
                              Same troop but I'm all the way down south. I've never met him but I heard all a lot of good things about him.


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