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Officer killed by neo-nazi in Arkansas


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  • Officer killed by neo-nazi in Arkansas

    A sad day... Some of you may have already seen on the news, but officer Jim Sell was killed in the line of duty today by an 18-year old sought for shooting and attacking three men with a hatchet at a Massachusetts gay bar. Apparently the suspect was known for glorifying naziism.

    Unfortunately, after a shootout with officers, the suspect was apprehended alive.

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    I saw there was a shoot-out - not that there was an officer down!
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      Arkansas Police Officer

      Jacob Robida 18, was shot in the head by police and died .Before he died he shot and killed his girlfriend Rena Bailey 33.

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        Actually Robida was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition and is not expected to make. But last I heard he was still alive.
        A news article states the following:
        "Jacob D. Robida, 18, was shot twice in the head and "it doesn't look good right now," said Bristol district attorney Paul Walsh Jr."

        Also Jacob D Robida had a web site on that was as twisted as they come.
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          Officer Sell's killer died in hospital today. Link is here:

          My thoughts and prayers for Officer Sell's family and fellow officers. RIP and God Bless.
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            The officer was 63 years old. I take my hat off to this dedicated man, for still doing a difficult and dangerous job. May he rest in peace.


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              he was actually retired and just working part time every other weekend. He is survived by a daughter, his wife died about a year ago.


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                My heart felt sympathy goes out to the SELL family and his fellow officers.
                I am a police officer here in New Bedford, MA where this all began.
                Our department's officers searched extensively for ROBIDA, checking on every possible sighting of him in our area as people called in. As time went on, we soon believed he made it out of our area. We all worried about who may come across him and hoped everyone saw the national teletype, later our worst fears were met. We are all saddened by Officer SELL'S death and the ultimate sacrafice he made. The New Bedford Police Dept. holds Officer SELL in our hearts as being one of our own.
                I spoke with one of the bartenders at PUZZLE'S bar, where this all began ,the night we learned of ROBIDA'S actions. She looked at me and said, "I'm sorry you had to lose one of your own in this".
                Officer SELL truly is,"one of our own".


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                  NBCOP, well said I am a Police Cadet with the city and I had left at 11:56 pm that night when the shooting occured a little while later. The next day I was working C-shift and we got so many calls regarding this individual and where he was last seen etc. My heart goes out to the family of OFFICER SELL, he is a hero in all of our minds and hearts as well.

                  Stay Safe


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                    go with God, brother. it is a testament to the profession that someone 63 years old still wants to serve the public and his community


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                      God rest that officer's soul...My thoughts are with his family.


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                        I am also a cadet with the city of New Bedford and had just left moments prior to the time those actions transpired. My heart goes out to the SELL family. It's very unfortunate. I also received several calls in regards to sightings of this individual. I was very impressed at the support received by other officers, calling from other departments willing to do whatever they could to assist. Just makes the desire to serve as an officer that much more intense. Stay safe.


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