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Brother down in Pa.


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  • Brother down in Pa.

    Tonight in Middleton Township Bucks County, Pa, One Officer 49 years old shot and killed. Another Officer shot in chest. EMT shot also by D.W.I. subspect being transported to local hospital for blood alcohol test.
    Shooting took place at St. Mary's Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa.
    Subspect was under arrest for a domestic disturbance which took place inside a vehicle. While being transported to the hospital subspect gain control of the victim's Officers .357 cal. handgun inside the emergency room . After
    shooting the Officers and EMT, subspect fled onto the roof of the hospital's parking garage and broke into a parked vehicle. He was taken into custody by local swat team who found him hidding in the trunk of the vehicle. Subspect had a unknown cause gunshot injury to his hand.
    Victim Officer had one year of service with his Department. Other Officer and EMT are going to be alright. The Subspect was not handcuffed at the time of the assault.

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    Very sad

    And yet another reminder to watch your gun...

    Police: Officer Dead After Man Grabs Gun, Opens Fire In Hospital

    MIDDLETOWN, Penn. - A police officer is dead after a man grabbed a police pistol and opened fire in a hospital Thursday evening, police said. Police said the shootings took place at St. Mary Medical Center in the 1200 block of Langhorne-Newton Road at about 6:30 p.m.

    Two Newtown Borough police officers had arrested a 38-year-old man on suspicion of drunken driving and taken him to the hospital for blood and urine testing. As hospital officials were about to conduct the tests, the suspect, who was not handcuffed, grabbed one officer


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      I read the news regarding this story, very sad. My condolences to the friends & family.
      Hope the dirtbag gets what he deserves.
      Guns don't kill people. Chuck Norris kills People.


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        Newtown Borough and the surrounding Newtown Township is where I grew up. You can't ask for a better place or better people. This shooter just changed an entire community in one cowardly, drunken, selfish act. Peace be with brother Gregg and his family.
        "Nemo me impune lacessit."


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          I grew up in Philadelphia but moved to Bucks Co when I was 19.

          God Bless the Officers involved and their families, my prayers are with you.

          Timeline of terror

          Bucks County Courier Times

          5:09 P.M.: Off-duty Pennsylvania State Trooper Joseph Carcaci calls police to report a gold Beretta driving "erratically" on State Street in Newtown. While following the car, the trooper tells police he sees the driver "physically assault" a female passenger. Carcaci tells police he saw the woman "attempt to get out of the car several times and, each time, the driver would grab her by the hair and pull her back in and punch her about the head and face."
          5:13 P.M.: Newtown police Officer Brian S. Gregg and Carcaci stop the car and take the driver, Robert A. Flor, into custody. They charge him with assault and DUI. Newtown Township police Officer Shane Vandermark, who arrives to assist, runs a portable breathalyzer test. Flor's blood-alcohol level is 0.17 - more than twice the legal limit of 0.08.
          Gregg takes Flor to the Newtown Borough Police Department. He and Officer James Warunek, who arrives to assist, take Flor to St. Mary Medical Center in Middletown for alcohol and urine tests in relation to the DUI charge.
          6:22 P.M.: Flor grabs Warunek's five-shot revolver and starts shooting, witnesses say. He shoots Warunek in the chest and then shoots Gregg and emergency room technician Joseph Epp, Epp says. As Flor walks toward Gregg, Epp grabs Flor's leg. Flor shakes him off, walks over to the prone Gregg, curses at him and shoots him twice in the head.

          At some point, Flor returns to Warunek, points the gun at his head and pulls the trigger, Warunek says. The gun did not fire.
          Flor, who, at some point shot, himself in the hand, drops the gun and flees, witnesses say. Hospital employee Brian Murphy tells police he follows Flor and sees him head to the parking garage.
          Within minutes of the shooting, dozens of police officers from around Bucks converge on the hospital, lock it down and begin searching for Flor.
          7:37 P.M.: Flor is found hiding in a car on the top level of the St. Mary parking garage and is taken into custody. He's treated in the ER for a gunshot wound to the hand. Witnesses say he shot himself during the attack.
          The probable cause affidavit, released Friday, is the basis for this timeline. Information came from the police, the surviving victims and witnesses.

          Get the latest breaking news, sports, entertainment and obituaries in Bucks County and Eastern Montgomery County, PA from
          "The statements and opinions contained in this communication do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Commission regarding these issues."

          Justice for Officer Daniel Faulkner
          09/11/2001 Never Forget


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            Go to Video Library, about 4th or 5 page: titled WEB EXTRA: POLICE APPREHEND SUSPECT. no sound (chopper blades), video only of swat take down.

            What a shame this was for this to happen to our brother. This should not happen to anyone. What a coward this person was.


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              Like some others that have posted, I grew up in Richboro, PA, the town which lies next to Newtown. I'm now a police officer in Louisiana.
              Does anyone know of the date which has been set for the funeral. I've read through the articles in the BCCT but can't find it mentioned.


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                Funeral Arrangements


                You will know as soon as I. I work for a neighboring township. I will post them when they are released. Last I have heard, the body will be released on Friday 10/6/05. I can only imagine next week.


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                  Funeral Arrangements

                  AP) LANGHORNE, PA Organizers say police from across the region and country are expected to attend Friday


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