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4 R.C.M.P Officers Down


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  • 4 R.C.M.P Officers Down

    In the most horrific and unprecedented event in the history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 4 K-Division members were shot and killed today near the community of Mayerthorpe, Alberta. The officers were on watch at the site of a suspected hydroponic grow operation, when at approximately 10:30am, a lone gunman armed with a high-powered rifle opened fire. The four were struck and killed, and were unable to call for help. Authorities were unable to reach the officers until nearly 2:00pm, when the military began to storm the premises. The gunman was found dead at the scene, believed to have taken his own life.

    These officers have courageously paid the highest price a law enforcement officer possibly can, and this tragic event has shaken everyone in the RCMP, and other LE organizations.

    Our thoughts and highest regards are with the members and their families...


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    Here's a quote from a media source on this incident. The Canadian Army was en route to assist with a couple of armoured vehicles but they were not required.

    ROCHFORT BRIDGE, Alta. (CP) - Four Alberta RCMP officers were shot and killed during an investigation into a marijuana grow operation Thursday in the worst single case of police deaths in Canada in 120 years.

    "It's my sad duty to inform you that four member of the RCMP were killed today in the line of duty - four brave, young members," said assistant commissioner Bill Sweeney, commanding officer of the RCMP in Alberta.

    "We're all in terrible shock and mourning."

    RCMP spokesman Cpl. Wayne Oakes said the four officers were at a quonset shed on a farm near the village of Rochfort Bridge in northwestern Alberta when they were shot by a suspect, who was also found in the shed. Oakes said he was known to police, but he would not say if the man had a criminal record.

    A government source told The Canadian Press the suspect killed himself after shooting the officers.

    "He just cut them down," the source said.

    It was not immediately clear if the suspect killed himself right away. The source said he may have shot at other officers on the scene first.

    Oakes said other officers on the property were able to get behind cover.

    "The loss of four police officers is unprecedented in recent history," Sweeney said. "I'm told you have to go back to about 1885 in the RCMP history during the Northwest Rebellion to have a loss of this magnitude.

    "It's devastating."

    Sweeney said the four officers were junior members - three from the Mayerthorpe, Alta., detachment, the other from nearby Whitecourt, Alta. He said names would not be released until family members were notified.

    Maybe now the Canadian public will take us seriously when we explain how dangerous marihuana grow operations are.


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      RIP brothers. May God be with the officers and their families. This whole situation makes me sick.
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        Why not just shoot himself and get it over with, why the officers with him. Damn it makes me mad.

        RIP Brothers!!!
        Stay Safe!!


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          RIP to the fallen mounties, their families and friends and in my prayers tonight.


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            Our thoughts are going out to the members of the RCMP and their families. One of the officers had 2 weeks on the job and the others were junior as well. I'm enraged right now.
            "Support Our Troops"


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              Const. Brock Myrol, 29.

              Your family, community, and country miss you.

              Indeed we are a nation in mourning. All flags on federal buildings are at half-mast.


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                Whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.

                Prayers go out to the families and friends and fellow officers.
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                  Absolutely shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of our four fallen comrades.


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                    I just saw the other thread in here, giving the link to the CBC site, where they have released the names and photos of our deceased members. I did not know any of these members, either personally or through other members, but certainly some of them are young enough to have been my own sons.

                    Our Academy has a Cenotaph, on the West side of the Parade Square, with the names of EVERY RCMP member that has died in the line of duty, going back to 1873. It is tradition that our members salute, or, if they are Cadets who have not yet been authorized to march, or are in civilian dress, to check the swing of their arms, when passing the Cenotaph, in order to honour our dead. That Cenotaph, will, unfortunately, now become that much larger.
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                      It is simply shocking. God bless their families, their comrades and all Canadians grieving this loss.
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                        I live in Edmonton and drive through Myerthorpe on a regular basis. I know that three of them come from a small detachment that only has a few officers as it is. I keep thinking about the one or two others that might have been on the same shift and how alone they must feel. Not to mention their families. One of them was recently engaged. I understand wives of officers at least get some kind of compensation, but they hadn't tied the knot yet.

                        As a citizen I know that these four officers gave their lives so that I could keep living mine.
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                          unspeakable tragedy

                          Your brothers in blue from New Jersey USA all feel your pain today. My thoughts and prayers are for your downed brothers and for the survivors of this unspeakable tragedy. May they rest in peace. God Speed.....


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