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Springs Police K-9 Grando dies unexpectedly


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  • Springs Police K-9 Grando dies unexpectedly

    RIP, Grando...

    River Cities Gazette

    Grando was a handsome dog and he seemed to know it. Whenever there was a camera around, he posed like he knew he was the best looking German Shepherd in the world. When he got out of a patrol car wearing a collar with a half-size police badge, there was no doubt of his courage and determination. Grando was a magnificent canine.

    Along with his partner, Officer Albert Sandoval, Grando was twice named Officer of the Month and received plaques in front of the city council. Both cases were burglaries and both subjects assaulted Grando. But he was a professional and hung on by his teeth and left his mark on the felons.

    However, last week Grando suddenly became ill and was taken to an emergency veterinarian hospital. An operation was performed and it was determined that Grando wouldn’t survive the tumors. Sandoval had to make the call. It was Grando’s time.

    Sandoval and Grando became partners when the K-9 was 3 years old. They went through the training academy and rode together for about six years. What most people don’t realize is that the two officers also live together. Unlike a family, a K-9 handler and his dog are together 24/7. Therefore, the attachment runs deeps

    A few years ago, Sgt. Jimmy Deal, who was a K-9 officer for seven years, dealt with the death of his partner, Arko.

    “Officers and their dogs have a very special bond,” said Deal. “Grando was a gem of a find and he was a perfect partner for Al. Grando proved his value on the road, doing his job.”

    Sandoval said, “Grando got along well with my family. And a lot my friends that I work with took his death very hard.”

    Sandoval said he and Grando had ingrained routines and now the officer has to consciously stop himself from preparing to take Grando for a walk.

    “Grando had been acting differently for the past month but we thought it was age,” said Sandoval. “The vet did blood work on him in January and he was fine. Last week during emergency surgery, the vet found several tumors on Grando’s spleen and one had ruptured. He had to be put down.”

    Sandoval said he intends to get another K-9 partner and it was already approved by Chief Pete Baan.

    Usually, K-9 dogs are bred in Europe, trained to a certain standard, titled, shipped to a local kennel and sold to police agencies. Traditionally, the dogs come with a training name and the officer keeps it. When a K-9 dies, he is cremated and the ashes go to the partner.

    “I can hardly get the words out about how I feel,” said Sandoval. “He was not only my partner; he was also my best friend.”

    Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/04/0...#ixzz1IxIu8A5B

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    That is so sad!

    RIP Grando!



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