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Seattle PD Officer Murder


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  • Seattle PD Officer Murder

    Taken from KOMO 4 News Website.

    SEATTLE -- A Seattle police officer was shot to death and another officer was wounded late Saturday night while conducting a traffic stop in the city's Central District neighborhood.

    The officer who died was a veteran of the department, and the woman who was wounded is a student officer in training, Assistant Chief Jim Pugel said.

    The two had stopped a car near the intersection of 29th Avenue and East Yesler Way just after 10 p.m. when another vehicle pulled up alongside and someone opened fire on the officers.

    The training officer was fatally wounded and died at the scene. His name has not been released.

    The other officer called for help and was rushed to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle where she was expected to recover.

    A man who lived nearby said he heard eight to ten shots fired, then another volley of about six shots. It was not immediately clear if either officer returned fire.

    Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies converged on area, scouring the neighborhood for the shooter, but no arrests have been made.

    Pugel called the act a "deliberate homicide" and vowed to hunt down whoever is responsible.

    Investigators have been at the scene all night collecting evidence, and fellow officers lined Yesler Way as the fallen officer's body was driven to the King County Medical Examiner's office just before 3 a.m.

    Police are looking for a car that drove away from the shooting scene, but no detailed description of the vehicle or suspected shooter was available.

    The killing is the first line-of-duty death for the department since Officer Joselito Barber was fatally injured in a 2006 crash by a woman who was high on cocaine.

    R.I.P Brother

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    Somebody killed a policeman today, and a part of American died.
    A piece of our country he swore to protect, will be buried with him at his side.
    The suspect that shot him will stand up in court, with counsel demanding his rights.
    While a young widowed mother must work for her kids, and spend many long lonely nights.
    The beat that he walked was a battled field too, just as if he'd gone off to war.
    Thought the flag of our nation won't fly at half mast, to his name they will add a gold star.
    Yes, somebody killed a policeman today, in your town or mine.
    While we slept in comfort behind our locked doors, a cop put his life on the line.
    Now his ghost walks a beat on a dark city street, and he stands at each new rookie's side.
    He answered the call, of himself gave his all, And A Part Of America Died.

    (Author Unknown)


    Rest in peace.....
    Any and all statements made by this account represent my sole opinion and do not reflect an official opinion, belief, or policy of any department or agency to which I am employed by. Further, I am in no way authorized to speak on behalf of any department or agency.


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      The officers were parked and talking when the suspect pulled up and opened fire on both of them while seated in their patrol car.

      This sounds like a assassination to me.
      Retired LASD


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        Rest in Peace my fallen brother....

        We love you and miss you.

        we will hold the line.


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          Yes the update said they were parked on the side of the road when some coward(s) pulled up and opened fire.
          RIP and a speedy recovery for the rookie officer


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            This post was removed by the Moderator.
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              I don't see how that is important at all.

              RIP brother.


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                Completely inappropriate and pointless

                Removed since the offending post was quoted.

                RIP Tim, great job Britt. Thinking and praying for you both
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                "We're not in this business for the money. We're not in it for the excitement, and moments like this. Duty, honor, country, service, truth, and justice are good. But you can do that from behind a desk. In the end, you carry a gun and shield out into the field for the sole purpose of confronting the bad guys. The enemy. There is no other reason to be on the front lines." ~Nelson Demille

                If your story involves Peanut Butter and an animal - give up now!


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                  Originally posted by Jenners
                  I don't see how that is important at all.

                  RIP brother.

                  Rest in Peace.
                  "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

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                    Originally posted by cgh6366
                    You should delete this post, it is irrelevant and frankly race baiting. Don't use Tim and Britt for some racist agenda.
                    Its sad when someone has just lost their life and that is the only thing they can contribute. RIP to the Officer here.


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                      Rest In Peace, Brother. You will NOT be forgotten.
                      Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence. ~Author Unknown


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                        RIP my Brother......


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                          May his family and friends find peace and comfort and may JUSTICE
                          find the cowards involved.
                          Rest in peace my fellow brother and speedy and complete recovery to my fellow sister.


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                            Update is called an assassination

                            Story: Seattle police say the fatal drive-by shooting of veteran Officer Timothy Brenton on Saturday night represented something the department had not seen before: the apparent targeting of police at random.

                            "It was incredibly brazen and bold," said Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel, who called the shooting an "assassination."

                            Brenton, 39, a field training officer, and officer-trainee Britt Sweeney were seated in their parked squad car when Sweeney sensed danger over her left shoulder and yelled for her partner to duck.

                            A car pulled up alongside the officers' car in the 100 block of 29th Avenue shortly after 10 p.m., and someone inside opened fire.

                            Bullets grazed Sweeney's back as she hunkered down. Brenton was struck by several gunshots and died instantly.

                            Sweeney, 33, grabbed the police radio and called for help, jumped from the car and fired several rounds at the gunman's sedan as it backed away from the cruiser, turned around and sped down the Leschi street, police said Sunday.

                            Speaking at a news conference Sunday afternoon, Mayor Greg Nickels called the shooting "a coldblooded killing."

                            Full story


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                              God Bless you guys in Seattle. God must have needed a fine Officer. Tim, say hello to Jason, and let him know that his squad is missing him. Y'all two will have fun, he's a funny and great guy. You've done your time down here, rest well and enjoy your time with our Lord. Just know, that the law enforcement community will not rest until the offender(s) are brought to justice..


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