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Hello from Germany!


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  • Hello from Germany!

    I´m a 29 year old officer from Germany/Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. I joined the police in october 2000. After finishing the Public Administration College in 2003, I worked for 1 1/2 year as shift officer and a half year as a detective for the local CID on the Isle of Ruegen and since 3 years i´m working for the Traffic Control Group. I want know as much as possible about being a police officer in the U.S. and so i´m looking for pen pals in this forum who also want to know also something about the German Police.
    I would be really happy about some answers.

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    Welcome to the forums!
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      Hey Spike,
      Ich Liebe Deutscheland!!! I was an MP for almost 6 years over there mainly around Baaden Wurtemburg. Did some work with Kripo in Heilbronn and was a traffic accident investigator as well.


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        Hi feldaeger! Baden-Würtemberg? Nice Place to be. And now New Jersey? Do your family live in New Jersey? I´ve read your profile. What stands DHS/ICE for? Here in the forums i found a lot of short forms (like ICE/DHS), i´ve never heard of. Of course it makes me very proud, that you love Germany.


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          Hi Spike, grüß mir die Insel war 3 Jahre lang im Sommer als Rettungsschwimmer in Binz.
          DHS = Department of Homeland Security
          ICE `= Immgration and Customs Enforcement = Zollfahndung

          Hi Spike, send regards to my Island. I was 3 years long over the summer as a lifeguard over there in Binz.

          Hi Feldjäger
          I grew up in Heilbronn. Where was the MP Station there? I know the old Military Buildings in the Hoover Siedlung at John-F-Kennedy Strasse. Now the most are pulled down, but in a few ist the Police Departement of Heilbronn an the IRS.
          I served my basic military duty at the Feldjäger. Now I am at the german customs at the swiss border. so I think we are colleagues.


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            Wie geht es? Jetzt kann ich mein rostig Deutsch benutzen.


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              @ zoellner

              Schau an! Und ich dachte, dass ich hier der einzige Deutsche wäre. So kann man sich irren;-)Selbstverständlich leite ich deine Grüße weiter nach Rügen.


              Look! And i thought i was the only german here. But we all make mistakes. Of course i refer your greetings to the Isle of Ruegen.


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                @yooper fi:

                I´m fine. Thanks for asking and posting in german. Where did you learn it? In the army? Or do you have relatives in Germany?
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                  Wie Gehts!

                  Wie Gehts. Meine Frau ist von Bitburg. Wir machen Urlaub in Deutschland jedem Paar der Jahre. Entschuldigen Sie mein Deutsch, ist es ein wenig rostiges. Tschuss!

                  Translation: How are you. My Wife is from Bitburg, Germany. We do go back every couple of years for vacation. Pardon my German, it's kinda rusty. Later.


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                    Hallo Spike, Wie gehts. Meine Frau ist von Ostheim v.d. Rhon. I was stationed in Schweinfurt form 1995 until 2002 with the U.S. Army. I got out of the Army in 2006 and have been a Municipal Police Officer for two years now. Tschuss!
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                      Hello guys!

                      How are you? Thanks for posting on my thread. Greetings to you and your whole family.


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                        German Police impressions

                        Here´s a Photo which was shot during the last G8-Summit in Heiligendamm.
                        Me and my crew had to close the Autobahn for a VIP-Convoy...
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                          Welcome from a Scottish Cop!
                          Official Magnum Field Tester - Earn Your Boots here http://www.magnumboots.com/uk/


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                            And a "Hello" to Scotland, too. How are you over there? Having nightshift or why you are still up so late at night?


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                              Hi Spike you´re not the only one from Germany.
                              If you want to learn something about the police in USA there a many police exchanges possible. Of course the other way (from USA to Germany too).

                              If you want to know more, let me know. Just send me a mail (in german) and i could tell you something about a police exchange between USA and Germany.

                              For all other interessted officers too.

                              Grüße aus Hamburg

                              Sorry for my bad english... my german is better ;o)
                              International Police Exchange: USA - Germany - Spain - Switzerland


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