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Hi from Texarkana, Texas


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  • Hi from Texarkana, Texas

    Long time lurker, but little posts though...

    I have finally applied for the TTPD, and will be doing the civil service exam the 29th of this month, I have been waiting to become a US citizen, and became one 6 months ago... and now is the first change for me to apply.

    I'm looking at the Texarkana Texas Police Department, and would be working a 50/50 position, 50% patrol and 50% technology implementation. that is is everything works out the way the captain wants it... otherwise 100% patrol is fine with me !!!

    I currently own my own business in the IT industry, and make very decent money, and changing to LE will mean a paycut, but the job satisfaction I expect to get out of it is well worth it...

    TTPD works 12 hour shifts, 2 on 2 off 3 on 3 off etc, which would leave some time for computer repair work on the side....

    Any special tips for me ?

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    good luck, sounds like you are doing it for the job and not the money, I guess you cant beat doing what you like even if it means taking a paycut.
    "Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is why so few engage in it"
    ~ Henry Ford

    When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.
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      Good luck!
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