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  • Thank you for allowing me to join

    Hi. Thank you for allowing me to join the forum. I didn't grow up in a Blue family but I've known and been friends with many. Yeah I know that's a cheesy line. I've listened to a lot of stories over the years but most of those I could've turned to for advice or clarifications now in regards to the novel I'm writing have passed away. Some of the stories will become part of mine.

    One of my favourites is from a friend who was a matron and her husband was a Lt. on a small force. She'd been dragged in one night when her husband wasn't on duty because a new hire had arrested a female. She went to the cell, looked in and refused to strip search. When the rookie, who was so new he didn't know she was the Lew's wife, said 'It was her job.', she replied back, 'Yeah, when it's an actual female.' The drag queen then waved to my friend, calling her by name.

    One that happened to me was when I was a business owner in a very small town. I knew all the PO's, most of the Deputies, and the local Trooper by first names. I was coming home from a second job just before Labor Day and everyone headed into the town was being pulled for checks. I knew they were looking for illegals. I had my license out & was reaching for the insurance when a trooper I didn't know asked if I was trying to bribe him. I looked up all confused and he flipped my license around. Stuck to my photo was a McDonalds 'Free Coffee' Monopoly sticker. He then laughed and waved me on. The next day the trooper I did know stopped in my business and laughingly said she couldn't believe I'd tried to 'Bribe' her superior with a free coffee. She said it had made his day.

    I'm grateful to those who have already taken time to answer my two clarification questions.

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