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    First of all, I am not in Law Enforcement, and have never been employed in Law Enforcement. I have family/friends who are in Law Enforcement however. I have an Uncle who was MP in the USAF. I also have 2 cousins in Federal Law Enforcement (they are brothers, and both started in the Army). I also have a cousin who was a "Yankee White" Marine (Yankee White is the name of the security clearance) and was one of the guards protecting President Trump and Melania Trump. I have a few pictures of them together. My Uncle, who was the MP, has several friends who were in Special Operations in the military, and when I was growing up, I had no idea what they did. I just knew they were in the Military. One was an operator in the 7th Special Forces Group, and he is currently a trainer. So, I grew up around this, but I could never pursue a career in the military or law enforcement (I tried to join the Marines) due to my hearing impairment. I lost my hearing at the age of 4, and I wear hearing aids. That has kept me out of most jobs that I really wanted to pursue.

    Until about 2011 when 40 deaf truckers got permission from the US DOT to drive commercial vehicles. I had always wanted to be a trucker, since a little boy, and finally made it and got employed by my current company (in 2017) - after facing some pretty severe discrimination in the process, I still made it. I haven't had a citation, ticket or warning in the nearly 4 years of doing this.

    The reason I joined, and it is kind of embarrassing, I was looking up police forums to see if there was any discussion amongst the law enforcement community about the recent Derek Chauvin case. I am not attempting to start a topic that could be controversial, I was just curious ..and came to realize I joined this forum in 2010 (??? that completely surprised me, I had forgotten). I guess the reason I joined 11 years ago, was to possibly see if the hearing impaired could be employed in Law Enforcement.

    I also wanted to say "Thank you for your service", I know that being a police officer, in the current political climate, is not easy. Just know that there are those of us out here that appreciate what you do.

    Below is the picture of my cousin - and I will not point him out. Not sure if that would be prudent ???

    Yankee White.jpg
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    Also, I wanted to mention this as well. Years ago, I attended a Deaf and Hard of Hearing University (I will not name it publicly, it is easy to look up) in DC. I was a student teacher as an undergrad, and I helped an individual that lost his hearing during Desert Storm. To clarify, I helped this individual adjust to life after he had lost his hearing, years prior, in a chemical explosion. He was a member of the intelligence community - not FBI, the other one. I also helped other military personnel who lost their hearing in combat related instances. They each told me to be very grateful for not having experienced what they had to go through.


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      Also, maybe some of you would be interested in this (??) My father's cousin, was an Arizona Ranger and combat veteran in Vietnam. We are all part Miami Indian - him from his grandmother, me from my great grandmother. He is heavily involved in the Navajo Nations Tribal Council and is considered a "welcome friend" by the Nations. The Navajo, and other tribes, have a "Warriors Medal of Valor" they present to Native Americans that have served in the Armed Forces, they now give this medal freely to anyone who has served in the Armed Forces.

      However, he was chosen by the Nations to present this medal to the code talkers from WWII. Here is an article about one of them:


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        rob radtke 1.jpg

        This is one of my cousins that is currently in Federal Law Enforcement. Not pointing out which one ...this picture was taken many years ago ..perhaps Somalia???


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