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  • Civilian to Sworn?

    I'm currently a Dispatcher/Calltaker. I've been with this agency a year and a half. Next year I plan to apply for patrol.

    I was with my previous agency for 3 years as a civilian at the front desk of one of the district stations. A very busy agency with a very violent population. Not a nice place to be. I like this one much better. Previous agency's front desk was sheer hell (that place was quite a ride) but freakishly I enjoyed it.

    Before that I did Fire/EMS.

    I'm trying to finish my English Degree and plan to Double on CJ since the agency will pay for some of that.

    Mostly I'm here to read and lurk, occasionally comment where I can, and research. One of the officers was teasing me earlier because I was grilling him on the academy and asking for pre-academy reading and research materials. I admit I'm a bit of a book worm, I love to study up on topics I am interested in. I'm having a bit of a problem selecting various course materials and I'm currently stalking the training classes for the officers and getting the books they give out on them. Sadly, they won't let me take the classes as well (sigh).

    I have another 6 months before I can apply and and then another six months after that before the first possible class after my application date I'm currently working on getting in better shape and in general looking for advice and study material.

    Deciding to aim to become sworn was not an overnight decision. I think I understand to the point that I can what I am heading for. I'm a pretty sensible chick.

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    Welcome Hound. Sounds like you've got a fair bit of experience within the Police Administration field and also practical experience with Fire & EMS.

    I'm in your situation too, I cannot apply for another 6 months and even then it'll be at least 6 months after that before I'm actually at the Police Academy. I'm spending that time getting into shape at the gym and studying with friends (making the most of Civilian life before I'm commited to a job which will no doubt demand alot from me).

    Good luck, keep me updated and in 12 months hopefully we'll both be studying!


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      Good Luck to you both. Hound sounds like you know what your getting into!
      Reality is only a perception


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        Welcome to the forum and good luck with your future career.
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          I do hope I know what I'm getting into.

          I've had one of the supervisors at my current department approach me about it and suggest it, and the sworn guys are all enthusiastic about it and arguing over what shift I should bid for.

          My previous department was very supportive, I decided not to because the department itself was so unhealthy.

          Now I'm spending my evenings reading the forums.

          I'm also trying to find some books to study...


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