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    My name is B. Berry. I'm a highly athletic introverted guy with adrenaline junky written in my DNA. I'm originally from the Westside of Chicago (Chiraq), but moved to GA in 2012 to find a better life. For 23 years, I went through nothing but poverty and hardship living in Chicago and have encountered more deadly situations than I can remember; whether it was from being shot at or doing stupid stunts that almost put me in a better place. I always wanted to be a PO but never had the opportunity due to mishaps in my life. Instead, I chose a job as a Personal Trainer. That way I could still help people and have fun doing it.

    However, I would discover that CPT wasn't my thing, so I decided to become an EMT. I wanted the adrenaline, of course, but also to help people! I fell in love with it and decided to advance my education in paramedicine, the closest thing to being a cop, I guess. It's been seven years of EMS and I have dabbled in some of everything, from Paramedic FTO to Tactical EMS training. One indispensable tool that I have learned in EMS as a whole is impulse control. Learning how to respond and remain calm in bad situations, an invaluable to for any LEO.

    Luckily for me, due to my service as a Medic, I now have the opportunity to become a PO. I was accepted to a BLET academy in NC, so I will be moving up there Jan and I am >>((SUPER))<< excited!!! It's been a long wait, but I'm here! I am ready to serve my community, participate in events and ya know...community policing! To get a jump start on the academy, I have been studying civil amendments, practicing report writing and engraining Supreme Court cases (Penn V. Mimms, Terry V. Ohio, etc.) in my head. The last thing I wanna do in infringe on a 1st Amendment auditor's rights...LOL. In addition to that, I am hoping to learn as much as I can from Officer.com. There seems to be some pretty bright and intelligent Officers here who actually care to educate the public. Highly commendable!

    Thanks for reading ✌️
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    Sorry, bad post. No delete option
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      Hello fellow Chicagoan. I moved away 8 years ago for school and stayed away for work and a girl and I'm actually moving back to Chicago next week. Good luck bro. Hope you're still a bears fan lmao


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        Hey brotha! That's wassup. I'm tryna get back to the Chi too after a couple years LE experience in NC. And yeah, Bears for life. "Bear Down"...


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          What HS did you go to?
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