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Hopeful for CPD Class 111


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  • Hopeful for CPD Class 111

    Hello Officers, I'm going to be taking the written exam for the Cincinnati Police Department in March. I will also be graduating with a BA in Psychology from UC in May, but I don't know that that will have any impact on my future with Law Enforcement.

    I'm 24 years old, and have lived a relatively sedentary life up to this point. In the past 4 months I have hired a personal trainer and started exercising on my own time, but I'm still worried about being ready for the intro PT test after the written exam. If any of you have any advice as to workouts or local gyms (or other fitness programs), I'd love to hear it. As of now, I'm 6' even and weight ~220 lbs.

    I've never had any legal issues (other than a single speeding ticket), and I'm pretty squeaky clean as far as the PHQ goes. I don't know what kinds of backgrounds CPD is going to be looking for, but I'm assuming my lack of a military background is probably going to count against me.

    I'm interested in Law Enforcement because I've never cared much about making money for big companies, and I've always wanted to join an occupation where I can actually add some benefit to society. I want to be somebody who people can trust to make the right decisions when it's absolutely important to do so.

    As for hobbies and stuff, I'm basically just a huge nerd.

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    Welcome aboard! Having experience in psychology def won't hurt, as you will have an insight into what makes people tick. Plus, it gives you more opportunity in case LE doesn't work out for you.
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