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    Good morning everyone, I guess you could say I pretty much started on the opposite side of the fence lol! I'm a reformed drug dealer from Tucson, AZ. It was a very dangerous run of about 5 years where I came inches from death quite a few times.

    In the end, it obviously it wasn't worth it, and very much a stupid move on my part. So I did my time, jumped through the hoops of the judicial system to get off paper. Despite not reoffending, the plain-clothed officers in the area tailed me off and on for quite some time still, I guess I was kind of a high profile target lol.

    I can understand with a recidivism rate at nearly 80% within 5 years of release, there isn't a whole lot of faith in the reform process. Rightfully so, because there are so many flaws in the whole dynamic of our judicial system. The first couple years I just spent every day trying to cling to the very few things that were positive in the horrible situation I created for myself.

    It took a lot of work, spending 12-18 hours a day for a couple years learning programming, SEO, and marketing just to start bringing in income. I finally made it though! Although I'm not getting 40 hours a week, the 10-20 I do get I'm making really good money, and fortunate to work with some really amazing people.

    One of the biggest obstacles that I encountered when I first got out I had never even heard of before. apparently, there is a small circle of people that make a living committing some legal form of extortion by flooding search results with records and buying domains in peoples names to sabotage their opportunity to get a job or move on with their life.

    In an effort to combat this insidious problem of societies, I donate a good portion of my time creating tutorials on Reputation Management and self-branding to stop people from getting taken for millions of dollars. Thanks for allowing me to post in your community everyone :-).
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    Welcome FelonFred. I've never understood people that try to hold people back the way you describe but, you probably know people will do anything for buck. Congrats on getting your S@!t together. Keep it up. Life is too short to donate time to the DOC. There aren't enough programs to keep recidivism down. You say you work w/ some amazing people---start networking if you haven't already. People always know people. You sound like you have some good ideas and skills. I like the 'Reputation Management'. The Justice system is designed to judge the offender, sentence them and then they've paid their debt. Not to have them keep paying forever. Good luck to you and Welcome.
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