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    Hello to everyone new like me as well as the long term people of this site. Guess like everyone else here since this is the introduction forum I should introduce myself, in which case I am a bit rusty at these so please excuse me. I am a mother as well as a student in Colorado that has almost completed an associates degree in the criminal justice field. I will be graduating in December then hopefully onto POST, in which I am not sure if I will try to find an agency to sponsor me or go through it myself. The school I am going to just opened up their own academy which I may try to get into if I decide to try to put myself through. If not then I will wither do the reserves first or get a sponsor. I currently work as a security guard at the hospital in the ER and psych ward units. I just until recently did work at a drug and alcohol rehab before I changed to working with the hospital. I have lived in Colorado off and on most my life the only other area I have lived was in southern California which was not too bad, but it was pretty much on the boarder so the culture was very different there. Once I get into the law enforcement field I plan on going back to school either to get my psych or med degree since I would in the long term like to either be a medical examiner/coroner or a death investigator. Since both interest me very much I am going to keep my options open until I do hit that road. With all of this said, I am very pleased to meet you who stop by and chat with me. I will probably be poking around a lot looking up various things since usually I do love asking questions. So, thanks for reading this and I will see you around!

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    Welcome aboard and good luck in your endeavors!
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