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Hello from Southern California, soon to be Southern Missouri


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  • Hello from Southern California, soon to be Southern Missouri

    Hello all.

    New here just wanted to say Hi. My name is Jason and I am currently employed with a Federal Indian Reservation as a Tribal Ranger. We are pretty much tribal police for the reservation and respond to DV, medical aids, traffic accidents, suspicious persons, crimes in progress, loose animals, and anything else there is. We work great with local and state law enforcement.

    I am 23 and started in law enforcement when I was 14 in 1998 as a police explorer. I was an explorer from 1998 to 2002 at which time I started working security, armed patrol. I worked security for about 2 years and then the Tribal Rangers called me for an interview. I was picked up and been working there since 2004.

    I have lots of training and have used it all. I am proud of what I do and have been shot at, fought with, and stabbed. I still come to work everyday, proud to wear the badge. I would not change my career for anything, and I am in now way a desk person, I need to be out on the road.

    I am taking a California POST PC 832 Course from April to May. And after I am finished with it, and hit my three year mark with the tribe, I am moving to southwest Missouri in the Lampe area in Table Rock Lake. I am currently looking into departments in AR and MO, and hopeing they take my training and experience as pre-service.

    And because EVERYONE is curious about equipment, we run, well right now we are only down to 2 units, but there will be 4 again. We use 2006 Dodge Ram CrewCab 4x4 pick ups. We have Whelen HAW strobes in the front corner and rear tail lights. Whelen LED TIR6 Traffic Advisors in the rear window, all amber with red and blue endcap flashers. Whelen LED Slimlighters above the rearview mirror, red and blue with red on steady burn (CA Requirement for emergency vehicles), and a Whelen siren/PA.

    We are only down to two units currently as our 2004 were at 120K miles and were taken to be traded in . We will be getting two 2007 (I think) Ram CrewCab 4x4s, but with LED Lightbars. When equipment needs to be replaced on the 2006 they will be upfitted with LED Lightbars as well.

    We also have a 1998 or 1999 CVPI unmarked dark green for admin, or if the SGT or LT needs to respond to a call from the station.

    BTW I live in Menifee, in Riverside County.
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