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Rx-7 Tuner from texas


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  • Rx-7 Tuner from texas

    my name's andrew, i build race cars (i have a rather encyclopedic knowledge of japanese cars a few americans, feel free to ask about anything) and several friends of mine (along with myself) starting an anti-street racing anti-drunk driving oriented NPO. anyhow thats all there really is to me.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
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      Hello from Australia...
      a few years ago we used to have a group of coppers here on the Gold Coast that used to hire out the local drag strip, have other E.M.S on site and organise drag races for the public in a safe environment. It would cost a competetor about $15 (AUS) to race.
      Here on the Gold Coast we have a rather big problem with street racing. On the main highway we have clocked racers doing in the vacinity of 250 - 300 km/p/hr... i'm not sure of the conversion to Miles per hour, but it's fast on a major highway with other drivers on the road!!
      We (POLICE) had built a drag car so the local racers could race the coppers on the strip. It was a great success untill it got too expensive to use the drag strip with the mounting cost of insurance added.
      If you can get a program running, GOOD ON YOU FOR DOING IT!!
      and good luck with it...
      By the way i love drag racing too!!! PRO STOCK
      but i love my V8 supercars racing more....
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