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  • Hello from Hawaii

    HI, This is a new area for me....I have never been part of a forum for police officers. I am a retired police officer and moved to Hawaii from Arizona. I when I came here I thought, "man...really done working and living in paradise" Then I found I wanted and felt I needed to work part-time, as an LEO at our local airport. So, having been "retired" but working.... miss too much and am currently being considered for an officer position in Alaska...
    What me crazy.....LOL.. ..couldn't be.....passed the psych test....So, all I can say is hello to all the other brothers and sisters in blue....I'm glad to have found this venue and look forward to some fun and interesting chat. By the wife is a former Phoenix PD Officer and isn't surprised that I want to go back to "full-time" Officer status... OOH Rah!!...Proud to be Blue Thru and Thru........

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    Welcome from New Jersey and enjoy the site!
    stay safe


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      Welcome from Texas. Enjoy the forum, have fun, stay safe.


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        NO KIDDING. My big thing is that the men and women in blue are a family. So you retired from active duty, full time. But your still blue. Then. Now. and Forever. So I can see why you want to be around your family members again. Good Luck with it my brother in blue.


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          NJladyGlock21, pawncop, thanks for the welcome...good be here.

          laoem, thanks to you also and the comments and well wishes . My wife and I met on the job and were good friends for a couple yrs before dating. Little did I know that the closeness we felt would develop into our marriage of 10+ yrs and going strong. I wish you and yours well and it is great to be part of the "blue" family!


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