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Hi to All Brothers-in-Blue from the Deep, Deep South! :)


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  • Hi to All Brothers-in-Blue from the Deep, Deep South! :)

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick intro :

    I have been serving in the South African Police Service since 1998 - my parent unit was the SAPS West Rand Flying Squad (rapid response patrol unit) for 4-years based just West of Johannesburg.

    Currently serving at my local Station, tasked with Patrol and Crime Prevention. We do Special Operations with the South African National Defence Force regional Commando Units (soon to be disbanded), helicopter deployments in SANDF Oryx and Alloutte helicopters from time-to-time and do aerial surveillance in fixed-wing aircraft with the Police Service Air Wing and South African Air Force. Our Warrant Task Force (high-risk warrant unit) lasted approximately 8-months and was shut down in February of this year - rule of thumb is all successful units will be shut down. Guess we just made too many arrests. Same applied to a part-time SWAT Team we had under development at West Rand Flying Squad. Will try and get our Warrant Task Force up and running again...

    I have also been attending Law-Enforcement training almost annually in the United States since 2000, from the West Coast to the East Coast and a little bit in between. Have attended the NLEOM/Police Week in DC in both 2001 and again this year, and have recently returned from doing my TASER Master Instructor School in Phoenix, AZ and High-Risk Warrant/Hostage Rescue Course with Blackwater in Moyock, North Carolina. Also spent some time in Sitka, Alaska with my fianc
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    Welcome from New Jersey!
    Stay safe!


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      And a big welcome from Australia.



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        DaveNT and NJladyGlock21 : Thank you! *s*


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          Welcome to!
          Can you say DYNASTY? Go Patriots!


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            welcome aboard and happy posting
            THE OTHER PLACE...A Forum to get away to

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              WannabeNYTRP and Photogrrlz : Thanks folks, great to find another good forum, look forward to chatting to you! *s*

              Photogrrlz : Why change the avatar?

              Take care and stay safe!

              - Ghostrider_RSA


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                Welcome from the great state of Texas. Enjoy the forum, have fun and stay safe.


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                  ***Welcome from all of us from NEW JERSEY click here to check us out***


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                    SOunds like you have had an interesting time of it in RSA, despite what we hear. Hope y'all stay safe as Joberg can be an interesting city to Police.


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