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    Wow .... 630, that one really jumped your case didn't he. Before he asks me the same questions though, I think I'll respond once and for all here, if that's OK partner ???

    Take care .......... and understand that much of what you see on the boards actually represents only a very small percentage of the profession.

    Later ......

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    Originally posted by [B
    GrayW4442[/B]]Are you gonna share your great stories about how you write your fellow brothers in blue tickets, and stop them while they are in convoys trying to get home from a stressful situation in New Orleans?
    I wasn't there either Gray, but they went through here. Stressed out people who have spent two weeks of 12 hour days in virtual "hell" is not exactly my idea of "wide awake and alert" drivers that I want mingling on the road with the citizens that I am sworn to protect while they run at reckless speeds.
    We have a very old, very narrow, very crowded Interstate here and we work very hard trying to keep the lid on as we tire of working fatals.
    I have read the accounts of the stop you allude to above, even a transcript of the NJ Sheriff's conversation to the Va. Deputy (it was recorded). The Trooper and Deputy who made that stop used a great deal of restraint and showed a huge amount of intestinal fortitude in their attempt to calm a situation that was ongoing through the state to that point and which was not of their creation.

    Originally posted by [B
    GrayW4442[/B]]Or maybe how you write brothers in MARKED squad cars for speeding when attending the LEO Memorial in DC.
    Not sure exactly what you're talking about there, but I do know of one case where 7 cars were reported by over 100 callers (the phone lines were jammed, many callers didn't get through) in two divisions covering 180 miles before they were slowed ... including three working Va. Troopers (one was working a wreck SB when they passed NB at high speed, one was working a 55 mph construction zone SB and checked them at 80+ as they went by NB but because of the walls, he couldn't get to them, and the third was in pursuit after checking them at 92 when the 4th one got in position to stop the convoy after checking them through radar himself) one Monday morning several years ago as they traveled north at speeds of 85-95 mph, who were using the blue lights to clear the left lane.
    The driver of the lead car was issued a summons to make the point that they should slow down (as obviously the posting of speed limit signs diidn't work) and surprise surprise ... not another complaint was logged in that, or any of the next several divisions they traveled through on their way to DC. The one ticket was dismissed in court after the court docket was cleared when it came up ... in absentia no less ... and with the issuing trooper's consent ... as the driver didn't show but rather his Sheriff wrote a very cordial letter to the court.

    No doubt, when those officers showed up in DC, they probably had a lot of unpleasant things to say about Va., but they created the situation, they were the ones who were showing the citizens of Va and the users of her highways, and yes ... even the Troopers and Deputies who work those roads in the attempt to make them safer ... the greatest of discourtesies.

    No, I'm not going to tell you "who did what" for it doesn't matter, but those are the facts.

    I love LEOs, have spent my entire life around them, I hate it like all get out to stop one in any fashion, but I took an oath to my state and it's citizens when I signed on (yeah ... "only words", but they were words I said and meant), and the public trust is the strongest tool I have ... the public trust is what allows me to do my job and come home safely day after day, I (and my buddies around here) do not abuse that trust and risk loosing it.

    And ... yes ... I have had some tickets, they were all paid before court, some of the officers and I still keep in touch. They were learning experiemces in earlier years, I ran the risk, I took my medicine, I learned that there is indeed, "life after tickets". I wouldn't trade them back in.

    Originally posted by [B
    GrayW4442[/B]]I just cant wait for those stories!
    Ten Four ......

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    Adios amigos.


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      Welcome aboard and happy posting.....
      THE OTHER PLACE...A Forum to get away to

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          Never mind all that crap!!!Welcome!!
          FILL YOUR HANDS!!!


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            Hey welcome to the site... My wife is a Va State Trooper... I have alot of respect for you guys...

            Stay Safe


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              I'm new too

              Hey everyone. I'm a Virginia State Trooper too. I received an angry call from my brother (a FDNY firefighter) the other day regarding the NYPD/VSP traffic stop. I didn't know anything about it so I was searching the internet and found this website. Well, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello! Stay safe!


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                Thank you


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