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    I've been peeking around the corners of this site for a little while and thought I'd join up. I'm a rather homely old Army retiree, proud of 23.5 years of service to this great nation. Presently, I volunteer as a non-sworn officer for Gulf Breeze PD, Florida. There are about thirty of us who take on low impact tasks that keep sworn officers clear to get the job done. Some of us do and eyes and ears patrol in marked units, keeping an eye on traffic, and take care of a lot of citizen assist calls,(disabled vehicles, barrier control during public events, etc). Its a nation-wide program called V.I.P.S. (volunteers in police service). I'd say the majority of our members are retired or former LE, or Fire Service. I also enjoy serving as a Poll Deputy during local, and nation elections, in Santa Rosa County. We are sworn by the sheriff, but have no powers beyond our award winning smiles and firm handshakes. This is yet another function that releases the S&C officer to do do their job, instead of babysitting at the polls. I've never gone all the way to become sworn & certified, I have an allergy to being shot at. Something I bring with me from my Army adventures. Over the years I have always had a close relationship with LE. I'm the guy who sets up and serves the meals during FOP events. I keep my mouth shut, and always know my position on the food chain. When I was in the Fire Service, I helped establish a Critical Incident Debriefing program for the sheriff's department in Northern Virginia. Our fire company was first due to the National academy at Quantico. Physical Security was my deal in the Army (arms rooms, alarm systems, perimeter testing at special sites) and produced a ton of training films and videos while at the MP school at Ft McClellan. (Felony traffic stop, Initial Crime Scene Control, Basic level investigations, to name a few). I'm your basic behind the scenes old guy. From my teen years, many moons ago, LE and me have had parallel paths, joined at the hip, but never at the badge. It takes a special person to be a good cop, I have been honored to have served with some of the very best. Day befoe yesterday, we(Gulf Breeze) delivered five refurbished crown Vics, marked and unmarked to the guys and gals in Biloxi. They lost over 35 vehicles in Katrina. They were sure happy to see us roll in, and you could see the bags under the eyes of a bunch of real tired, worn out officers. God Bless em all.

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    Welcome from Texas. Enjoy the forum, have fun and stay safe. Thank you for your service, previously and now.


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