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  • National Fraternity of Special Events Motorcycle Teams

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    25 May 05

    Johnny Robinson/301 West Historic 66/Strafford, MO 6757-7514

    Re: National Fraternity of Special Events Motorcycle Teams

    Sir, Miss, Ma'am, or Ms.:

    We have been developing a national fraternity of special events motorcycle teams. The individual chapters will be allowed to run their own
    operations, if they follow the minimum standards set by the National Board. They will offer scheduled services to local nonprofits to provide first aid, security assistance, and traffic control. They will be scheduled locally to be available primarily on weekends, but other times if the local unit commander can find members who are able to volunteer at other times during the week.

    The local chapters will also be available to assist local law enforcement on a 24/7/365 basis as well, for emergencies declared by the local
    law enforcement, in the above areas plus missing person searches.

    Two-wheelers can go places that a four-wheeler can't; and if you have a trained team with first aid equipment already on board...you should get the picture.

    The local chapters, however, will answer to the National Board if they start slacking off doing their scheduled events, are caught riding the
    motorcycles in an inappropriate manner, are caught drinking alcoholic beverages and operating the team equipment while representing the chapter, etc. Punishment will be fines, probations, and possible shutdowns; the
    'shutdowns' will be enforced by the local county sheriff for scheduled events the local chapters are supposed to work, but the sheriff can
    still use the teams' resources should a disaster or local emergency develop (chapter charters will depend on the sheriff's office being
    willing to enforce or lift shutdowns in his or her local area).

    I, the founder and CESO, have been told that such a national fraternity cannot happen because of 'diverse state laws'; I have found a solution
    to make this work, and the teams still answer to the national board overall.

    The national board will include a 1st amendment attorney, a representative of the American Radio and Relay League, and an appointee from the
    federal Homeland Defense Secretary. The only restriction on the Homeland Defense and ARRL reps is that they cannot be elected Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of the group, in return for a permanent position on the Board.

    Our present Chairperson is C. Ray Segrist, who served as a NCOIC in the military at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, during World War II, and earned doctorate degrees in Education Direction and Theology later in his life.

    The reasons I am contacting you are as follows:

    People are unsubscribing from our SEMT Yahoogroups.com list, and starting their own motorcycle teams using our ideas (the last one was a paramedic in the county west of Clark County, WA, last October; I kept his
    unsubscription notice to prove this!). He even said that he was asking Harley Davidson for free bikes for his 'for profit' team.

    The other is that I cannot afford a technical writer to get this written up. I cannot afford one, and we were wondering if anyone knew of a
    person close enough to us who might be able to help us out. We cannot pay them, but can give them credit for their help.

    Also being developed are noncommissioned security motorcycle squads, which will have commissioned law enforcement officers directly
    supervising them while they are in the field, and another (separate) squad of Commissioned Officers Responding to Events/Emergencies teams as well, whose members will be able to work autonomously at special events and emergencies, if and only if the CORE squad officers receive a request from local law enforcement agencies.
    We are also trying to set up motorcycle squads which can be used to make emergency blood transfers as well, taking the burden off local law enforcement agencies; we call it a Bloodrunner squad.

    Local communities can pick and choose among the different type squads, such as the Bloodrunner squad above, being developed as they feel the
    need locally; they all answer to the national board through the local chapter operating committee, the unit commander, and his or her staff.

    Again, not giving away our secret of making them all answerable to the national board while operating within their different individual states, this can work if I can get some technical writing assistance!

    If anyone you know in this area would help us in getting our ideas into a coherent package, please contact me by one of the following means:

    e-mail: [email protected]

    417-864-7297 - before 9am (I would prefer the e-mail contact, though!)

    Thank you for your time and trouble....

    Sincerely Yours,

    J. Duane Robinson
    Founder, CESO, SoMoES

    cc: C. Ray Segrist, PhD., Walnut Grove, MO
    Chairperson, President, SoMoES

    Nancy Valadez, Springfield, MO (resigned between 05/25/05 & present)
    Board member, Secretary, SoMoES

    Nancy Anderson, Strafford, MO
    Board member, Treasurer, SoMoES

    Judson Withum, Christian County, MO
    SEMT list member and supporter

    U S Dept of Homeland Security
    Washington, D.C., 20528

    The American Radio Relay League
    Newington, CT 06111 USA

    SoMoES files

    P.S. We have also put together a proposal for some FEMA-Missouri Fire Disaster Battalions; FEMA may request 1/2 of these battalions at any
    time, 24/7/365. We cannot get anyone from the local area, or from the federal government, to give us the time of day for critique on this
    proposal either. It has had seventeen re-writes so far. For more information, send an e-mail to:


    Missouri and FEMA Fire Disaster Battalions proposal download....proposal also consists of Fire Banks for refurbishing used equipment, Disaster Fire Battalions for exclusive use of FEMA and the State of Missouri;

    Fire Engine Loaner Equipment for small, rural Missouri fire departments with outdated equipment that needs repaired.

    Subscribe: [email protected]
    (Only FEMA and the State Fire Marshals in host states can activate the battalion equipment.)

    Is there ANY writer in America who would give four poor people a hand in getting two worthwhile proposals going?

    Poor people supposedly don't have the 'brains' to come up with any ideas on their own in this country anymore!

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