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  • Hello From Nashville, Tennessee

    Hello fellow brothers and sisters in blue! First off, my name is Chad Barth and have been a police officer in Nashville for going on 8 years now. I love my job as a police officer as it has always been my lifelong dream. I am a veteran of the United States Navy, I am married and have one child. The real reason for my introduction today is because I have what I believe to be a great idea and a great way to reach out to thousands of my brothers and sisters. My wife is always telling me that it is so nice to see how officers across the nation have this awesome bond and I couldn't agree with her more. Unfortunately, I have had the honor of meeting many great law enforcement officers in times of tragedy and when we meet at officers visitations/funerals. It pains me to hear when a fellow officer pays the ultimate sacrifice, but like my wife said, at the same time, it is awesome to see that brothers and sisters don't forget and pay their respects. My idea is to create a tight group of officers into a sort of group and every so often, all meet at chosen locales for group outings. Every year we could select where to go and what different activities to do and swap stories and keep in touch. If you would be interested, I am going to start working on a list and I will contact you and get you up to speed. Please e-mail me or call me and provide your name, agency location, e-mail address and phone number (optional - I understand). I believe if we can get this off the ground that it will be a totally awesome experience for all and bring alot of us together in happier times. I certainly hope you all will consider my idea and write or call soon. Take care of yourselves and please, STAY SAFE OUT THERE! God Bless you all!


    Chad A. Barth
    [email protected]

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    Welcome from Texas. Lively bunch of folks here. As part of our honor guard, I also stand in awe of the bonds that we have with each other. Stay safe.


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