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    Hi! My name is Chris and I am in SW WA. I recently was accepted into the Clark Co. Sheriff's Reserve program. We start our academy 13 Jan 2015. Pretty excited to get this going, and have little knowledge of law enforcement, other than the research I have done my self vs inside personnel interviews, ride alongs ect. I currently am employed at the Union Pacific Railroad, and am hopefully able to use this experience as a reserve to help get a foot in the door as a full time LEO. I enjoy the site and have learned a lot from you all! Thank you!!

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    Welcome to O.com
    Have you considered going into management with UP and becoming a special agent? If you already have time in towards retirement, it could be an option.

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      the RR is a good job! Definitely look into the Spec Agent position as slamdunc said!

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        I have definitely looked into it, but the job required you have either served military before, or been employed as a full time officer elsewhere. Neither of which I can put on my résumé. The job is a good one, and my senority there is low, but I do have some!!


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