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Hey everyone new member here looking for some info


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  • Hey everyone new member here looking for some info

    Hey I wanted to see if anyone can help with some info. I am looking to get into law enforcement and been doing some research. I live in ny but plan on moving to p.a for 2015. I know that most departments want you to be act 120 and some will pay for you. I have seen that York p.a is gonna be hiring in a few departments but when I look up info on York it seem as they are on a budget cut and letting officers go. Does that make sense?

    Also I don't know yet about me putting myself through the academy but its on my mind. I looked up some school and I can't find one near me everything is about and hour away. Well where I would be staying. The location is sunbury p.a does anyone know of a act120 school near sunbury?

    Thanks for the info...keep negative feed back to your self thanks

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    hit up the states section and you should get answers

    good luck
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