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  • Hey ya'll!

    Greetings from Louisiana! I'm in southeast LA at a small rural sheriff's office. I love guns, computers, military technology, history, meeting new and interesting people, and driving Vics really fast without being ticketed (c3 only of course).

    I'm the agency armorer and lately have been working to get our M16A1's upgraded to shorty carbines, so deputies will actually be thrilled to carry them. I also want to make sure all our 870's get Wingmaster/Police extractors and flexitab carriers for the few that lack them. These are my goals after coming back to LE (aka jumping back into the deep end of the LE swimming pool since doing mostly full-time gunsmithing for 7 years).

    On another note, I'm in the process of getting my own FFL/SOT so I can make a little money on the side, and play with any cool toys the agency won't buy that I feel like acquiring myself. (Chief's always turning down my requests to glove-box carry MP5K's and bring a QD M203 in the unit "just in case" we need to deploy less-lethal 40mm (gas, foam baton, etc.) even though I've never touched HE/HEDP. So sad...)

    I don't roll hard-core offensive or anything; I like to communicate with people to peacefully resolve any situation whenever possible.

    I train with my duty sidearm (P226 9mm) frequently, because I know it's often all I can expect to have with me.

    Anyway, I like to keep myself entertained with good friends and good humor, occasional good drinks, more often not-as-good-drinks

    That's all I can think of to say presently. I didn't actually find the FAQ that spells out how to make this post, so please advise if I left something out...

    Stay safe, brothers and sisters!
    You too, random citizen.

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