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  • EMT / Possible LEO

    Hey everybody.

    First off I am new to the forum, this is my first posting. I have decided to throw a couple of general questions out there and see if I get any bites.

    I am currently an EMT with a few years of experience in the field, but lately I have been considering switching to law enforcement. I am currently 27 years old, and am wondering if I have missed my prime window of opportunity age wise.

    Also, I've been reading about the educational requirements. Could I get a LE position with an associates or even just the education I have now (20 gen ed credits, 20 credit equivalent EMT program)? I do want to also specify that once I got a position in an LEO setting, I would most likely go for a further degree such as a bachelors or masters.

    And last but not least how can I prepare myself now for a career in a LEO setting?

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    You are in the prime right now. Each dept will have its own educational standards; for some you will be okay, for others you will fall far short of what is required.

    Get or stay in shape, continue your education, don't make stupid life decisions. There are various practice tests out there that you may want to take to see how you do.


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      Thanks for the response. I am currently in pretty decent shape physically, but of course you can always be more fit.. I also went ahead and took a few practice exams on which I score from a 75 - 90 percent on each.


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