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Bonjour from France


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  • Bonjour from France

    Hello everyone,

    First, please as you like to say " excuse my french"

    I'm Aurore, french, 30 and Police Officer since 6 years in Paris (France).

    I work in a unit in Paris called UMIP (Intervention and Protection Mobile Unit of the National Police).
    We regularly operate in peacekeeping missions and public order against manifestations and riots. We are also first responders in the event of nuclear attack, biological, radiological or chemical in Paris. And we protect all sensitive areas of the capital, and of course one of the most important is the American Embassy.
    So that's our first missions, but we can work as a normal cop and make roadside checks, verbalize offenses, save people's lives...etc

    So, I am here today, cause I really wanna talk with American Police Officers....here we say that the Police is a big family, but I think it is more than that ! I love my job and I am interesting to share experiences with you.

    Plus, my husband is American, he is an active duty Marine. In less than a year, I will finally join him for living together.
    At the beginning, I guess it will be fine for me to work as a civilian people...but, actually my work is my world, it's maybe too much to say, but I feel I can't do another work, I am a cop in the heart.... so I will try to pass the test in US as soon as I could, and maybe you could hep me for getting some good advices, if you don't mind.

    I know my english is not perfect, but I hope you understood me.

    Thank you again for welcome me in your forum.

    Take care of you all and thank you for serving my country heart.

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    And this is me in my uniform !




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      Welcome to O.com

      “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

      Miyamoto Musashi

      “Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid”

      George V. Higgins (from The Friends of Eddie Coyle)


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        Thank you


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          Welcome Aurore J!

          Firstly your English is great, so no need to worry there. I understood everything perfectly, and I'm sure everyone else here will as well.

          Secondly, France is an amazing country that I loved visiting when I was stationed in Germany a few years ago. Friendly people, and AMAZING food.

          I hope you enjoy your time here on O.com, and receive the answers you are looking for. Good luck in your journey to become an officer in America!

          - Erik
          "Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight."

          Sergeant, U.S. Army - 2010 to Present.


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            Hey welcome.
            Have heard in Paris and close area you have had a lot of riots with youth people? Is it still up to date?
            International Police Exchange: USA - Germany - Spain - Switzerland


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              Welcome to the O. Your English is better than many full-blown yankees I've read on this forum .

              What location are you and your marine looking at living here in America? That will make a big impact on your immediate chances of being hired. Good luck.
              Harry S. Truman, (1884-1972)
              “Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.”

              Capt. E.J. Land USMC,
              “Just remember – life is hard. But it’s one hell of a lot harder if you’re stupid.

              George Washington, (1732-1799)
              "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

              Originally posted by Country_Jim
              ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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                Thank you all,

                I was afraid to feel alone on the forum but finally I feel really welcome here.

                Vikingr and Langford PR , thank you for my English, but talking British english and American English is quite different..you get a lot of slang I'll try to do my best for being understanding here.

                Vikingr, yes France is a amazing country and I'm really glad to hear you liked it. but about food my husband still find frenchies silly cause we eat snails and I admit it...I love that !

                CopHH yes, we get a lot of riots cause of the conflicts between Israel and Palestina....I was fighting against riots with my coworkers....if you wanna get an idea of the riots we get this is a good link on a french police website with a video about it.....you can see the 2 sides , cops against pro-palestina :


                Actually the riots stopped....but each Saturday we get a new event and we are 1500 cops specially on it in case we get troubles again.

                Langford PR, before Mike was in Camp Pendleton in CA. Since September he is in VA near Norfolk stationed for 3 years. I don't know if it's a good place, I just came for a month last March. If you get any advice I take it

                Thank you again for welcome me here, I will get surely a lot of questions


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                  I suppose when I said food I was speaking of primarily pastries and deserts haha, my sweet tooth was more than satisfied in France. And hands down the best Croissant's I've ever had in my entire life. Its probably good I don't live in France, I'de get fat haha.
                  "Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight."

                  Sergeant, U.S. Army - 2010 to Present.


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                    ohhhhhhhhh that's maybe the first time I hear that an American could be fat here I had to do a diet and go to gym very often for losing the weight I took in your country I'm not a big fan of fast food but I'm in love with your steakhouses !
                    but about Croissants that's our kingdom...I think they are bad in US cause you use a different kind of butter ! I will really miss pastries and cheeses when I will leave in VA, but I can admit that the California wine is amazing !
                    Last edited by Aurore J; 08-05-2014, 07:38 PM.


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                      When I was at the riot police, we got a lot of riots too. In Germany we have a big "left szene" (not only punks), an we got every years at may 1st a lot of riots in big cities. And in Hamburg many times more.
                      The riots are not strong like yours, but not far away... Every time it´s get a new qualitiy.
                      International Police Exchange: USA - Germany - Spain - Switzerland


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                        Welcome to O.com!


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                          Welcome to the forum. A few years ago I drank some beers with the Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion (RAID) at the Urban Shield awards dinner. They were some great guys. For those who don't know, the French RAID are the French National Police counter-terrorism team. I gave the guys my team patch and got a RAID ball cap in return. I believe they were the first international team to compete in the Urban Shield competition.

                          Your english is just fine, please don't worry about it. I also believe that law enforcement is one big family (sometimes a very dysfunctional family) and I think its safe to say that being a cop is in all our hearts too.

                          Stay safe.


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                            CopHH, I can understand, it is true that the riots are generally stronger each time, but as in all " riot police unit, I think the adrenaline keeps us up! I know we risk our lives, because I think the rioters mainly want to "break the cop" (as we say here), but I feel "alive" when I act, that's why I did not want be sitting behind a desk! I know that in Germany rioters don't have a "tender heart", and generally throughout Europe. But what about USA? do you have riots like this?

                            Sanitizer, thank you

                            Country Jim, thank you !
                            Yes the RAID is a very big unit here, and as all of us they are not the last to share a good beer ! And do you know the GIPN? (Intervention Group of the National Police ), with the RAID they are the elite of the national police, I guess you can compare them with the SWAT in your country (If I remember well they SWAT and RAID train together sometimes).

                            Stay safe too


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                              Hi Aurore!
                              My name is Aurore too! I live in Southern California. I am originally from Switzerland but am an American citizen now. I am getting ready to start the process of becoming a police officer. There are many steps in the process but I am preparing as much as I can for the written test and physical agility test. Law enforcement has always been in my heart too!


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