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New member from Germany


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  • New member from Germany

    I am new to this board, like to introduce myself and wanted to get some help with the board.

    I am member of the German Military Police, stationed at the City of Hamburg, northern Germany.
    I hope my english is well enough so that everybody can follow me.
    Like to get in touch with other LEOs from all over the world

    Regarding this board: I can´t add any information to my profile neither a profile picture.
    Can anybody help me with this ?

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    Greetings to Germany from Australia, welcome to and it is good to see a fellow international member.

    In regards to you being unable to update your profile can you please advise what happens when you place your cursor on your user name at the top of the forum screen?

    It should come up with my profile - settings and log out options.


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      Welcome to Your English is easy to follow.

      “Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie.”

      Miyamoto Musashi

      “Life Is Hard, But It's Harder When You're Stupid”

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        Welcome aboard.

        To add information to your profile, either scroll over your name like John suggested, then click on 'profile' or simply click on your name. If that doesn't work, try clicking on your name on this thread. If that works, you should see something similar to this in the middle of your screen.

        Click on 'about me' and you should see pencil symbols next to 'location' and so on.

        There are two types of profile pictures on here. Your profile picture is the picture that will be visible when people view your profile, and your avatar will be what's visible under your name on forum posts.

        To edit your profile picture do this:

        1) Scroll over your name and a drop-down box should come down. Go down to the second option (settings) and click on it.

        2) Scroll down a bit and look on the left side of your screen. Under 'my settings', click on 'edit profile picture'.

        3) Scroll down to 'custom profile picture' and choose to upload a picture from the web or your computer. When you're done, click 'save changes'.

        If you want to add an avatar, just click on 'edit avatar' below 'edit profile picture' and follow the same steps as above.

        Hope that helps.


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          Moin Moin (means: hello, good morning /afternoon / evening = a typical Hamburg slang)

          Also from Hamburg, but a government police officer (no military). This is a very interesting community. Think you will have a lot of fun here

          International Police Exchange: USA - Germany - Spain - Switzerland


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            Thanks for the warm welcome and quick help, I managed to edit my profile now !


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              Welcome aboard, I spent some time in Munich and Trier when I was in Germany.


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